Too often end up working hours and at the end of the day you have the feeling that your day was not very productive or you like to have a few more hours to get to account for all labor demand it has. To help you, we selected 8 tips for you to use your time better and get more productivity at work.

1- Make a list of daily tasks

Before starting your workday, make a list of all activities to be performed that day. This way you will not forget during the day than planned and could monitor the percentage of completion throughout the day. Activities that occur after the developed list may be considered as a deviation or changes and so you can understand better how was your day.

2- Sort your activities by priority and complexity

After the list rate the activities developed by priority and complexity. You can sort the priority as URGENT, VERY URGENT URGENT URGENT LITTLE and SEM. The complexity can be classified as VERY SIMPLE, NORMAL, and COMPLEX TOO COMPLEX.

3. Estimate your activities

Especially the more complex activities require an estimate. Thus, even before their working day starts you know how long it will take for each activity and can easily monitor the progress of their activities. Estimates usually be generally 15 or 30 minute intervals, for example, to make meeting with marketing = 1:30 coordinator.

If your estimate is higher than your work schedule, review the priorities and let some tasks in the background or the next day and focus primarily on the most important and complete them.

4- Organize long running tasks steps tasks

Once your schedule of activities to be performed in 8 hours, seek to divide them into 3 or 4 stages of running, this will help you keep better at what stage is your activity throughout the day or week.

5- When no concentration perform tasks easier

We know that in a workplace is not always possible to have the desired concentration to perform the most complex tasks of your to-do list. Therefore, in times of lower concentration perform the most practical or automatic tasks such as reading and answering emails or organize files.

6- Avoid spending time with little things

There are small acts without realizing take us a long time during the day, try to understand in which moments of your day do you spend your time unnecessarily and try to change these habits.

7- Set the pause time

Plan your breaks will make a difference and both increase their productivity. There are people who have acquired the habit of going to the bathroom all the time, take that coffee cake every 40 minutes or even be reading and answering e-mail every 10 minutes and certainly this is one of the wasted time villains. Set times for these charts. This planning can be based on time as every 60 minutes or after completion of specific activities.

Remember that rest and a good stop after complex activities is important to relax the mind in order to have greater concentration and have better focus in the next day's activity.

8 - Do one activity at a time

Do not try to do more than one activity at a time, it is more advantageous to you to focus and try to finish one task at a time from the start to many things and in the evening have not completed much of it.

These tips will help you have better control of their time and their tasks consequently productivity will have increased significantly. The day has 24 hours and will remain for all time when you have control of their activities.

And so you have absolute control of your time prepare an extra tip for you and your business.


Extra tip: Use RescueTime

There are applications and tools to measure how much time you spend on certain pages or applications, we recommend you the RescueTime, it is available for smartphone, iPhone and desktop, is the monitoring of its activities and the evening shows analytical data to show how much was productivity.