The Knowledge Base is a resource that the intranet brings to store articles, manuals, internal process flows, which allows employees to ask a question that is directed to the team, thus creating a base of questions and answers that automate some company processes. . In this post, you will see the benefits that the Knowledge Base can bring to your organization.

Promotes collaboration within the company

Since the Knowledge Base is a dedicated space for employees to ask questions and also answer them, it ends up generating collaboration between them, as there is engagement in asking and answering questions, establishing internal flows, storing manuals and articles.

Time savings when resolving issues quickly

By having a resource such as the Knowledge Base on the Intranet, you can save time by solving questions quickly and I have only one place, especially for this, so that there is no need to print articles and manuals, internal flows are stored inside the database and if there are questions about any process, it is possible to ask and get the answer to that question.

Centralizes doubts answered on the most frequent matters of the organization

It is possible that several employees have the same question. Then, in the knowledge base, it is possible to centralize the most frequently asked questions together with the answers, facilitating the search process and also in the fact that employees do not need to ask the same question.
Use these benefits in favor of the company, increasing productivity and engagement within your company. Still don't know Vivaintra? Sign up for Vivaintra for free and find numerous tools and content available to you. Also, if you liked this post, check out our other posts on Collaboration and keep improving this area in your business.
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