Chat - The benefits of corporate chat
Currently, it has become increasingly common to use corporate chat in companies, especially in the current scenario, which most companies are adopting the home office system. In view of this, we prepared this post with everything you need to know about Corporate Chat, which enables simple and quick communication with other employees and departments.
What are the benefits?
Centralizes communication without overcrowding your mailbox.
Streamlines communication with employees and departments.
Making decisions without needing meetings or calls.
Individual and group conversations for teamwork.
Why bet on a corporate chat?
Centralize communication
Especially in the home office, remote communication can generate some noise, causing consequences. A project with several employees requires clear and effective communication in order for the results to be positive. A department also needs to be on the same page to carry out its work without complications.
That's why in corporate chat, you can group your conversations with colleagues and groups in the same place, centralizing information. In addition, contact between the team is more fluid, allowing easy access and reaching everyone.
Noise reduction
Communication without noise is essential, so noise is what hinders the understanding of the message, being emitted in one way and received in another. With the instantness that the corporate chat offers, misunderstandings can be avoided on a daily basis.
Still, with the reduction of noise, it is important to realize that the chat contributes to increase the productivity level of any work team, due again to the instant communication, agility, practicality and capacity to facilitate the internal communication of the corporate environment.
Time gain
The exchange of information and files can be very quick and practical via chat. Situations that would take days to resolve, with the chat you can answer minutes, since you get immediate contact and gain time to perform other tasks.
Simplify decision making
The idea of ​​corporate chat is to simplify and unify. Thus, decision making can be communicated more quickly through instant messaging. And this works even when a collaborator is out of the company, being able to view messages and respond via mobile.
Use these modules in favor of the company, increasing the collaboration and productivity of its activities in this difficult period that the country is facing. Do you want to know more about Vivaintra? Sign up for free and find numerous tools and content available to you. Also, if you liked this post, check out our other content on Communication and see how you can improve this area in your company.