The Digital Workplace is a summation of elements of the old models of intranet and fulfill promises that were not possible viable in other models, making these old weaknesses of the area into realities. This was only possible due to the new technology and access structures to the new digital environment allows.
The Digital Workplace can be seen with aspects of evolution of intranets, but it fits better as a revolution because there is the creation of such different elements, such as data storage in the cloud, applications, engagement, social interaction, which make the old intranets and the Digital Workplace difficult to be treated.
8 Digital features Workplace
By Paull Miller
1- Single interface
The single interface helps to show the user that the digital space is really a work environment, because it is from this interface it has access to all the tools of work, one of its advantages is the integration of all the demands of the company which is not only limited to be an intranet.
2- Much data integration
The tool seeks more business intelligence so that the user may have information to assist in decision making, then the system consolidates this information available, which are often dispersed, helping to more managerial way in decision making.
3- Except in the cloud
This aspect did not exist in intranet or another, with the saved files in the cloud, the user has access to real-time wherever I am.
4-Max Customization
The maximum customization comes from the context of system logic, the system understands what you're doing and from that anticipates your needs, helping you in decision making. Knowledge management can emerge from those Knowledge.
         5- consistent social layer, leveraging rich and proactive search of information and people
The social aspect is something that is above all components, social interacted with all elements of the Digital Workplace. It has been increasingly common, bringing systems in their social aspects functionality, this process ceases to be specialized and becomes something that exists in the relationship between all systems and people.
The importance of people
And throughout this process there is a big rebound for people, it is they who make things happen, they produce values.
The logic to build a rich profile become important in the process to know the people in the company, it serves so through your profile meant the person's context and feel secure enough to have a contact and establish a collaborative process, leveraging the work from the knowledge of that person. So finding people to know who she interacts, know the communities you belong to, what it does, it is very important to create a user who is this profile. Knowing people helps create bonds of trust and collaborate with anyone who does not know, no one cooperates with anyone who does not trust, then the idea is to create a bond of trust.
6-Integration with the physical environment
The intranet of things and a very advanced concept, and very little even in the world.
For example, a factory where machines that produce particular product sends a notification to someone in the sales area, which is waiting for confirmation of the order the product, receiving no or human intervention notification that the product has been sent for delivery.
7-Integrated communication
It is possible from the user's profile, have many important information for integrated communication, for example, from the status tool you can see when the person is online, thereby making a video conference call to chat, connect, establish working groups and even send work documents. In the Digital Workplace is possible to establish a series of collaborative items, establishing an integrated communication in the environment.
          8- Gamification
The gamification stimulates a constant healthy competition among employees, engaging them through the use of games strategies. Giving a clear view of who is practicing the best principles, due to the constant feedback that the game environment allows, achieving the best results that can be mapped by the organization and shown all through ranks and awards.