Hi, how are you today? I'll tell you about it in the beginning: your company NEEDS to make a cultural fit and adapt to the new concept of hiring. Abandon hiring ONLY by curriculum, nowadays, the values ​​between employee and company need to be well adjusted so that we can raise expectations on both sides and have an incredible work environment.

Start at the beginning: what is cultural fit?

Within the corporate environment, there are several issues involving beliefs, expectations, values, behaviors, attitudes, goals and the like, which must be shared by all employees, from the board of directors to the interns. Everyone must align the goals so that, together, they move in the same direction and create a unique culture.
And did you know that employees who do well within the company are usually those who have expectations aligned with the corporate environment? All this because the cultural fit was aligned at the time of hiring. So be aware that when recruiting people, you should consider whether they fit the culture of the company as well.
According to Deloitte 95% of candidates seek to know more about the business environment and the people who make it up, than the financial values. Meanwhile, recruiters see this combination of ideals as positive steps towards people's performance, satisfaction and engagement in the corporate environment.
Oh, and just to remember, these characteristics are not always described somewhere, quite the contrary, they exist in the form of the company, as a whole, to behave, so only the Human Resources team to understand the cultural fit and study it well it into a candidate.


Applying cultural fit

As I said earlier, generally what makes up the company's culture is not always described somewhere, so take the time to write down everything that aligns the corporate culture with the employee, analyzing each sector and even the directors, just so you will have hire people who really add value and think in the same direction as your company.
If your company has a mission, vision and values, publish them on the corporate website, so that candidates for the selection process understand if their work environment is what they imagine and expect. At this point you already add value to good recruits or exclude people who are not entitled to your company.
Another detail is to place a cultural fit form in the hiring funnel to identify if the candidate is able to be part of his team and, consequently, continue in the process, or leave the hiring funnel for not fitting in. organizational culture of the company. In this form, you can gamify the tests or leave answers open, always emphasizing the culture of your company.
For Business listed some issues that can be scored in the previous evaluation or even at the time of the personal interview:
- How do you prefer to work: alone or as a team? Explain
- Do you like receiving feedbacks? Tell us the reason for your answer
- How do you deal with challenging projects and how to motivate a team?
- What would you do with a dismissal in the trial period?
- If you do not agree with any company policy, how do you express that?
You can also think about everyday situations in your company and put them in the cultural fit, so you list the candidates who are most likely to match your corporate environment.
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