Hello, how am I going? You are chegou attached to this blog post, because you are seeking a way to improve or turnover within your company. We are here to help you with this matter!
First of all, we need to understand exactly what is the turnover and why does it exist, right? Only then will we get to know how many lacunae that exist in your company that is turning into a high turnover.

Or what is turnover?

The thermo turnover means rotation and, within a company, it is related to the admission (entry) and demissão / disengagement (departure) of employees. Your company has a high turnover, therefore a turnover of collaborators is very large, and you need to pay attention to this number.
This metric should always be not the focus of the Human Resources team, but also because it is harmful to the economy of the company, also because it does not give me a brand name with other people and future collaborators, we will have a loss of useful time of work, given that the company needs to look for a new collaborator and teach the whole or existing corporate council.
There are several reasons for a high turnover within a company, among which are: demissões in decorrência of corporate policies, lack of professional growth or motivation, attrition, devaluation, professional placement, etc.

How to calculate the turnover of your company?

Second to For Business, a quick and simple calculation can be done so that you get to know the percentage of turnover within your company.
First you choose a period for which you intend to obtain the result of rotation, depois separate the quantity of collaborators admitted in that period, to the quantity of collaborators that deixaram to the company and the current number of existing employees.
Some or number of admissions to or number of dismissals, and divide by two. Divide this result by two total number of your local collaborators. Finally, multiply the value by 100 to determine the turnover percentage of your company in the specified period.
Ah, and it is important to note that this formula does not fit in all businesses, especially since it has a large exponential increase or that it uses seasonal collaborators. Likewise, understand the importance of knowing how to rotate and place these percentages in your metric.

Tiny or turnover

In order for you to decrease or turnover in your company, it is necessary to first understand the reasons behind it.
Find out the reason for a demissão request. For this, try to carry out a demissional investigation at the moment of termination of the contract. Try to be direct and focus on the reasons that you know you will have to answer.
Melhore or organizational climate of your company, offering inclusion and leaving everyone informed about the processes that occur daily.
Faça contratações more assertive, aiming at people who have a similar or similar culture to your company. Use or cultural fit to make a contract - in brief we will talk about this modality.
Melhore ou begins to organize the plan of the career of your company. Second to Gupy, in the absence of perspective and motivation for growth within the company with the greatest reasons for turnover.
Make performance evaluations of all sectors, in all hierarchies. Lembre-I know that your collaborators need some kind of appraisals, not only give them like the company in um everything. Show that you care about the work environment and that you are attending to the needs of moving and adaptation.
Finally, use hardware that connects me and diminuam at a distance from your collaborator with the company, choose to be in home office, do not offer a greater corporate contact. Some more complete ferramentas that you can offer to Vivaintra, a complete collaborative intranet, which adds value to the company and the collaborator year. Find out more at http://en.vivaintra.com/experimente.