In general, the evolution of a company involves the development of its employees, whether their skills or knowledge. It is through it that it is possible to implement innovative processes, retain and win customers. Knowing the impact that training has on the productivity of employees and the cultural fit of the organization, Vivaintra has reformulated the training module making it a compatible platform for the development of a Corporate University, and so you provide your employees with access to training , courses and others. All within the intranet itself without the need for other programs. See what's new in the module!


What's new?

- New layout: now the layout is much more intuitive and friendly, helping you to find quickly and easily the courses you have in progress or that you haven't started yet.
- Creation of complete courses: now you no longer need to create a course for each video you want to insert. Create complete courses with as many videos and content as needed!
- Certificate per course: we now have the facility to include different background images for each course, in case you want to personalize it.
- Quiz by chapter: Vivaintra has now made available the registration of questionnaires in each chapter registered for its course, so that you can test what your employee learned in each completed chapter!
- Mandatory course: new employee in the department? Do you need him to be trained in a certain mandatory subject? Smoothly. Create a mandatory course and whenever a new employee enters the department or company, they will be notified of the course until it is completed.