While the organizational climate refers to the thermometer of how the day-to-day progress of employees is, that is, the level of satisfaction they have working in the corporate environment, the organizational culture aims to establish a set of rules and values ​​that govern the company. In this post, you will see your main differences and how to promote them in your organization. Good reading.

What is Organizational Culture?


As already mentioned, organizational culture is the set of rules and values ​​that govern a company. In other words, it is the essential part of the organization's strategic planning, which must be in accordance with the positioning it wishes to adopt before the internal public.
However, it may be that a company's organizational culture may come from a set of recurring habits of employees. So that the organizational culture is established through a pattern of behaviors. Still, the organizational culture is considered, say, the identity of the company, therefore, it has its specific personality, its profile and interests based on the standard exercised by its values ​​and collaborators, many times.
That is why, when a new employee enters the organization, it is important that he is close to what is established as the company's culture, so that he can adapt and be able to engage in his new corporate environment and with his teams.
Therefore, it is necessary that the organizational culture is disseminated to all segments of the company, in order to communicate them in an objective and efficient manner, so that in this way, everyone can be in accordance with the company's guidelines and standards.

What is Organizational Climate?


The organizational climate aims to establish a thermometer in a company. Through this thermometer, it is possible to measure employee satisfaction and all the factors that contribute to team behavior in the corporate environment, with respect to leaders, the relationship between employees, among many other aspects.
Thus, the organizational climate is the perception that the teams have, working in their space. Still, the organizational climate is constantly changing, since it depends on some aspects, such as changing processes, hiring new employees, changing tools that help in daily life, among others.
In view of this, the organizational climate is something that must be evaluated frequently to see if there will be recurrent changes. This can be done through internal surveys, collecting information from employees in order to know their impressions and current satisfaction in the company to understand the aspects that deserve more attention and those that the company is already taking measures.
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