Vivaintra has several incredible customers with great stories to tell. So today we decided to share one of these stories with you.
Rui Cadete is another of our successful customers. Ana Cláudia Medeiros, HR Manager, was looking for a tool that could encompass and help improve the internal communication of all Rui Cadete companies, it was then that she found Vivaintra.
Upon joining our platform, Ana says that she hoped only to improve communication, but she discovered a giant universe of possibilities within Vivaintra that helped her to go beyond the initial objectives.
Now, much more than being able to communicate the company's institutional information through the News module, they also share technical information and a lot of knowledge, and use the Library module a lot, which, according to Ana, was very beautiful within Vivaintra. In addition, with the Knowledge Base module, Rui Cadete archives all company information.
For Ana, communication with Vivaintra has become more linear and youthful, being used in a totally interactive and intuitive way, engaging employees with the institution and the company's activities, since Rui Cadete is in four locations: Natal (branch ), Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraíba. All employees are gathered within Vivaintra da Rui and speak the same voice.
Finally, Ana's last words, which move Vivaintra: "It was the best choice that we made, in fact. And since we have Vivaintra, our Intranet in our way, with Rui Cadete's way of being, we we are extremely satisfied and make life a lot easier ".
Too cool, isn't it? How about giving a new look to your company using Vivaintra? So enjoy and try our tool for 30 days by clicking on the link