Planning the tasks that will be performed on a daily basis is an easy task. The most difficult thing is to have control over the quantity and the way in which they will be executed. So, when we refer to time management, we are talking about the amount of time that will be allocated to perform each task of your day.


Have you ever felt that your day is anything but productive? Or that your tasks don't move? Is your time management going according to the amount of tasks you have?


The valuable tip is to always take your activities with considerable time to be carried out, because good time management ensures that your activities are: planned, started, executed and completed. So, know some strategies that time management will bring to collaborate with your Home office and your demands:


Distribute activities among the team


For leadership positions, this is an activity that has to be very well conducted. Understand your team's potential and know how to delegate these activities to each one. You will create a culture of an engaged team, and for sure, well-planned distributions will be a determining factor in fulfilling them;


Prioritize important activities


Have a list of the activities to be performed on the day and know how to segment them according to the degree of importance of each one. By doing this, you will be able to see which activities are important (which need more attention) and which are less important (which do not have as much priority to be performed);


Set consistent deadlines


Work with dates that are possible to be met and met. Since you are overwhelmed with demands and deadlines that do not match your productivity, this will damage your mental health and will certainly affect your productivity. So always, be very consistent when setting deadlines;


Waking up early is essential to develop a productive routine


There are studies that prove that successful people wake up early. When you wake up early, your mind is rested and full of energy, as the day goes on, your energy decreases, which affects your productivity and directly results in your work.


Procrastinating is not the way


And last and not least: procrastination. It will never be the best way for you to have a productive and well-designed time management day. So remember, procrastination will bring some harm, namely: lack of organization of ideas, lack of energy and low self-esteem, making the person believe that he is not capable. So focus on your activities and if you are overwhelmed, make a new plan and know how to classify the activities.


Time management ensures a better experience in the day-to-day work and helps to organize activities and actually understand which ones will be delivered and which need to be reviewed. Take advantage of these tips to create a new time management model in the home office and absorb these ideas for any and all tasks to be performed in your life, after all, time management only brings benefits, namely: less stress, less problems and more productivity.


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