When thinking about buying a chocolate, you remember that chocolate is sold in a particular place, as the market and the market it is located on the candy, right ?! If you know the market, you know what you want and have a shorter way to get to the shelf, you will achieve the goal of buying the fastest chocolate. What drives you to get faster shelf market in chocolate place is simply because there is a product of centralization and that their prior knowledge of its location makes you go straight to that demand and avoid wasting time looking for the chocolate by all runners.

Applying this example to business there is great difficulty in companies having all clustered systems because for HR uses a system, the other financial, management another, ie each sector of the company uses the best tool that assists in the implementation of your job and that's not a bad thing, because there is no single system encompassing all activities of an organization.

The challenge is to have one place to centralize documents, manuals, work tools, important data, reminders, announcements, because the big work systems do not allow the integration of other system, and that's the great advantage of VivaIntra, being a system that can centralize everything in one place, it becomes very important so as not to waste time looking for System x, y and z on the computer or sending e-mail when you need to share a document or notify employees about the event and so on.

Business benefits

Less time and greater productivity - a system that brings together all the working tools makes the employee save time, with potential to increase productivity, because instead of being looking for where is the document where this program where did he put something, everything is centralized in one place.

Inclusion on the desktop - to log the intranet in order to open the working tools, the collaboration has to go through the institutional content of the company, so he can quickly learn all the company's news and announcements for the day.

Access security - it is possible to have different tools and documents from different sectors and define the access that each will have with the content. This functionality is critical as it ensures the safe centralization with restricted access.

Centralizing information is of utmost importance in all types of organization and become a differentiator for companies seeking to increase team productivity, increases developer efficiency that is not so dependent on others when you need a file, document or information which is available in the system database.