You already know the agenda Vivaintra? The tool is a novelty that has come to speed up the appointments for the day and better organize the routine. By accessing the tool, a calendar appears in the left side of the screen and you can view every day of the current month with outstanding commitments in different colors, view the past months and also the following. The colors are arranged in the calendar follows:
Gray: Current day
Red: National Holiday
Blue: You are a participant in an event
Green: You are moderator of an event
Orange: selected day
In addition to the month view, you can also select the week, the current day or other days on the calendar chosen as desired. To create an event just click the Create button above the calendar, report title, location, time and invite participants. If the site has already been used, the agenda has option to complete automatically. You can add attachments to thus facilitate the sharing of relevant information with all participants.
When invited to an event, you will receive invitation notification on Intra and email, and can respond to the invitation with yes, maybe or not. When answering the call, the moderator also receive notifications. You can search for a future event or have already occurred in the search bar, stating the title, description, time, or selecting events in which he participated or was moderator.
Another interesting viability of the agenda is the possibility of inserting comments from participants during or after the event on the agendas discussed and their possible resolutions. Agenda therefore also has the functionality of a minutes of the meeting.
Agenda VivaIntra is simple and quick, helps organize the collective commitments and so streamlines tasks, bringing more convenience and efficiency to your day. Test the tool today and has the most full meeting experience.