Internal communication is essential for the organization of any business, whether small, medium or large. The company must have internal communication to provide its employees and reminders relevant information to carry out the work. Similarly, employees must also communicate with each other to the full realization of tasks and avoiding potential problems.
But not always this process is favorable. The communication, if done incorrectly, could disrupt the company's organization and hinder daily life, as well as the tasks. It is important, in addition to investing in internal communications, ensure that communication happen fully. For this, we list down 5 ways of how internal communication can be unsatisfactory, with explanations and solutions to address the situation. Check it:
1- efficient communication channels
Perhaps one of the main points in making a Communication is to watch the channel in which the information will circulate. Already said the famous sociologist Marshall Mc Luhan "the medium is the message.". This means that not only the internal communication exists, but that it should also be on the correct channels stop take effect. A ticket with an important notice pasted at the place where the staff hit point, for example, is ineffective as it may come to be removed by an employee before all to see, or even fall without anyone seeing. Thus, the message even if well-designed and useful, if placed at that location, may lose its function is to inform. To solve the problem, consideration is given to the communication channel and make sure it is accessible to the people you want to reach.
2- Lack of dialogue face to face
Communication tools such as email, extension, social networks, intranet, among others, are very important and facilitate internal communication. However, in some situations it takes more. The face to face contact instigates dialogue, resolve doubts immediately and is less ambiguous than the non-face contact. When writing an e-mail, for example, the language used is only writing, which leaves room for subjective interpretations. The dialogue face to face using different voice inflections and body expressions to represent an idea, which results in a more objective communication. So if a subject is more complex, the face to face contact is required.
3- Feedback missing
The full realization of a task depends on the acceptance or rejection of the previous tasks. Without this feedback from the board of directors or other employees, it is difficult to know which way forward to accomplish the next task. We can also cite the importance of contact of all sectors of the company, to exchange information, as much as the sectors are distinct, they all depend on each other and are part of a whole. To solve this communication problem, start practicing today. We saw a legal work of a colleague? Praise and believe that something can be improved, complement the idea. Not like a job? Put your opinion and if possible point solutions to solve. It is important to remember that a company works collectively.
4 - Presence of rumors
Conversations during lunch hours or corridor rumbles harm the progress of the company and help spread unreal facts. A certain employee said a rumor to another and this to a close, making the company a great "telephone." Needless to emphasize how such talk affect the progress and results of a company. The solution is to take advantage of the coffee breaks and lunch to increase social ties with other employees productively and keep in mind that rumors do not help at all in the workplace.
5- Lack of participation of all
It is common that some people are more shy to propose their ideas or feel intimidated by members of the team that has quite usual to speak. To resolve this problem, leadership can instigate staff to express their ideas, showing that this is a receptive environment and everyone can add to his speech. A good way to break the shy employee lock, is to ask what he thought of a certain idea and propose that it suggests a solution to a problem. Remember that it is necessary tactfully not to place the employee in an awkward position. When a company expands the space of speech in the workplace, more ideas are proposed, more talents are discovered and internal communication is strengthened.
The sharing and circulation of information within the company strengthen the bond between employees, approaching the different departments and increases the productivity of the company and ensures positive results. Investing in internal communication, is investing directly in your company. Here are some suggestions, but different companies may have different needs and it is important to know them to apply the internal communication more satisfactorily.