The ACP is one of the representative bodies of trade in Paraná. She became widely known thanks to the credit consultation services such as SCPC (SEPROC). Currently has more than 26 thousand direct and indirect members. The company provides strategic information to businesses of all sizes and segments, as well as provide support and structure in all business cycles through: exploration, management, fraud prevention, analysis and granting, collection, behavioral data analysis, among others.
Seeking to optimize the internal communication, the ACP opted Vivaintra intranet so that he could talk to the internal audience of more unified and dynamic way. The intranet also demonstrates the concern of the entity to value employees and create a space where all are protagonists, from a collaborative network.
Also in migration phase is estimated to take 30 days for the full implementation of the system in the ACP, which had previously not worked with an intranet system. However, the news has been well received and walks toward success. The organization has about 175 employees and it is estimated that from the first day of use, the average was access was 70 people.
One of the difficulties that the ACP had was to make the information come to all. Today, with the use of the tool, employees can learn more about what is happening in the company, they can find out about events and news, creating a more effective participation.
"The people of the ACP were accustomed to always receive the information. We were developing a culture and the Intra this will further improve, everyone can contribute their ideas and views and can mostly live harmoniously with all sectors, "punctuates the communications sector of the ACP. The effective participation of employees gives productivity and good results in the short and medium term.