Often companies invest a lot in a flawless system intranet, however, can not good results due to lack of employee engagement. Although your intranet is within the trends, with useful tools and relevant information about the company, no good if employees do not adhere to the use.


This is an alarming situation? I lost my investments? In fact, although this is not a positive picture, it is possible to reverse the situation. Check out 7 practical tips to ensure the engagement of employees on your intranet:


1- Training


If the intranet is still a novelty in your company, be sure to set aside time to provide adequate training to all employees to familiarize themselves with the new tool. Take the opportunity to address questions and gather suggestions for improving it.


2- Relevant information


Have the employees have to access the intranet to know about a subject. Provide exclusively on the intranet, for example, the rules of the company, payslips, time bank, among others.


3- Employees in the production of content


Make available to all employees the option of being a content producer on the intranet. Collaborative knowledge is a concept that is high and will only grow. For this, the intranet content must be non-hierarchical and thus employees feel important because they can be part actively.


4- Relevant discussions


Forums, news portals and even a post on intranet timeline can enable very relevant discussions. The discussions in the interim strengthen the team, in addition to providing high possibility of emergence of creative ideas, resolutions to problems and relevant suggestions.


5- Chat use


Replace gradually the use of email by chat and show how communication becomes faster and practice in this way. Using chat, employees should necessarily keep the page open intranet, which may contribute to the use of other tools.


6- Files

Provide your intranet a tool to upload files. Thus, they can be entered training files, short courses or guides on a particular subject. Allow employees also create files relevant to their departments.


7- Updates


It is important to keep constantly updated platform, whether in the matter of following the latest technologies or producing content, which must be collaborative. The more content, the more attractive your intranet will be. Institutional information should also be constantly updated so that employees can access clearly.


A successful intranet is intrinsically linked to the effective use of the entire team. Always remember to follow the engagement of employees and if not satisfactory, follow the tips can positively reverse the situation.