Monday, after a great weekend with the family, you're all excited about the week to come, to sit at the computer open the e-mail box and she was busy again. You identified with this situation? Learn how to solve this problem in your company.
The social intranet is the solution of stress for many organizations, since it can have multiple tools for different functions and thus target efficiently what you mean.
A survey conducted by the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, said that excessive emails is a major cause of stress in employees.
The email tool is not the problem itself of organizations, the biggest problem is the excessive use of this tool, which was invented in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson with the exchange function of people by computer messages. With the popularity of e-mail, many people eventually stopped making connections and increased the emails flow in everyone's box.

Advantages of social intranet

The social intranet is a new model which is nothing more than the traditional intranet + tools of social networking, the main purpose of this tool is to increase the flow of communication between employees, as have an online chat system for computers and mobile where employees can resolve quick and instant conversations, double or group and can use inbox to send important documents. Companies like VivaIntra specialize in this new type of safe corporate communication in Brazil.

How to escape the long emails from other companies

We know you can not stop using e-mail because it is one of the pillars of communication between different companies. For that researchers developed the philosophy of the three sentences, this philosophy suggests that we create a custom signature for all our emails: "Sorry the short answer I would like to extend me more, but due to the volume of e-mails I receive it. it's not possible ". And in the e-mail insert explanatory link the philosophy of the three phrases. This approach - effectively treat all my e-mails as short text messages - has worked very well, according to Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. "I've been training to leave out the excess and keep only the essentials in an e-mail. If I have something longer to say, I simply call or talk in person. "Full Holmes.

The change in organizational behavior

Of course the change of habit in corporations will not happen from one day to the other, after all become used to send and receive many e-mails, but it is a culture that can be changed, for the inclusion of new tools such as social intranet assists with the rapid communication, effective and without the stress of having to spend hours and hours watching and answering many emails.
Written by: Rayane Sales