Always focused on bringing innovation to the internal organizational environment of enterprises, VivaIntra now offers a new option for you to gain more productivity. Already in the air the new intranet VivaIntra Starter, with features to transform the internal communication of your company in a more social and collaborative environment. Read and learn about this new experience.
What has changed?
The VivaIntra cares about its customers' needs. Thus, the starter was born, a platform that meets the requirements of small and medium enterprises. In the layout of the most visible changes is certainly the presence of the timeline with 3 modules business, collaboration and integrated services in the home.
 Traditional tools have been adapted to have integration with the timeline, ie in addition to being placed on the home page, notifications and activities with the tools appear in your timeline. Thus, you track everything in real time and does not lose any activity that happens on the company intranet.
The accommodation is also a change to be noticed, as the starter VivaIntra it happens to be in the clouds, which is a great advantage for companies without their own IT staff who do not wish to invest in a dedicated server.
What advantages?
  • Ideal for small and medium enterprises;
  • own social environment for corporate use;
  • There is no need to invest in dedicated server;
  • You do not need an IT staff in your company;
  • Intranet responsive layout adapted to mobile devices with two applications: intra and vTalk (available for Android and iOS systems);
  • Upgrades and technical support included;
  • It's free to try.
Platform that brings business and employees
Your company may be a more social and innovative environment. The presence of the timeline in VivaIntra Starter allows a place of greater socialization and integration among employees. As a result you may notice a more committed and engaged team in group tasks, ensuring higher yield.
The tools available on the platform provide more productivity in achieving the tasks of the day. Among the various features of the tools we can highlight: easier to schedule meetings more likely to meet deadlines, as it is simple to follow them more flexibility to address questions, centralized institutional information in one place, public file sharing or private among many others that can be observed with use.
The VivaIntra Starter intranet transform your company into a more integrated environment with centralized information, facilitating internal communication and ensures that positive results are achieved without wasting time. The new version is ready to ensure more innovation to your company, do a test today. Access our site and try, it's free!