Trace your route to the goal is the first step, and perhaps most importantly, to achieve the desired success. It is important to draw a path with clarity so that your goals are met. Not infrequently, companies draw growth targets that can not be fulfilled and often the reason for this situation is in a bad planning.
By tracing a path with clear and possible actions to be met and monitored, the failure risks become smaller. We know there is no magic formula for success, however, can carry out effective planning and reduce the risk of failure. Below 7 tips for success meet goals in your company:
1- Identify and well set your goal
First of all, you must know what your goal clearly. If your goal is something like increase the yield of the company, understand that it is only in the identification of its target. To set your goal think and establish numbers and deadlines, that way you can draw a concise way to him.
Taking the example of increasing their income, set in numbers on how this income will increase and how long the company should get there. The result will be a clear and simple objective to be mapped, for example, want a 10% increase in profits of my company in the period of 1 year. That way we can proceed to the next steps of planning.
2- Prioritize
It is common for companies not only have a goal to be met, it may be that after identifying and defining the goal, you have found a list of them. In these cases it is important to analyze what should be prioritized and what can be left for later. The analysis should be done carefully and all variables must be designed so that the goals are met.
Try to establish a relationship between these objectives and set an order for the events. It may be that the achievement of a goal depends on the other, so there must be an order of priority. It may be that the time is more conducive to a goal than others. Thus, lift variables for achieving your goals and establish an order that they happen.
3- Identify the obstacles
If a goal has not been achieved it is because there are obstacles in the way to her. The analysis in this phase is to identify and understand why these obstacles are there. This step helps predict possible failures, as identifying and knowing the obstacles ahead, it is possible to develop good solutions for them.
4- Develop and maintain a workflow
The first item on this list, you set a time for your goal is reached. Thus, this is the time that you will use to guide the preparation of the steps to reach your goal. The method Getting Things Done by David Allen described in Portuguese known as The Art of Making Things Happen, can help you. The method takes place in 5 steps, understand how:
  • Collect: In this phase you unload on paper, spreadsheet application, etc., all you have to do to not get lost.
  • Process: Analyze each item on your list and sort by priority and ease.
  • Organize: Organize the list items. It can be enumerating and creating order to be realized or segmenting groups of items in folders named with the order in which they will be realized.
  • Review: According to the creator of the method, it is important that you periodically review the steps of this method. Therefore, set a period (daily, weekly or monthly) for the first 3 steps are remade for you to collect, process and organize new items.
  • Do: It's time to take the role of all the data collected so far and put them into practice according to the organization done in previous items. This is where things happen.
Remember, this method is a cycle, that is, to reach the last step of the method, you should go back and do all the method again.
5- Develop projects and challenges
Employees are the lifeblood of your business and without them it is impossible to meet the established goals. Keep your employees so excited and motivated as you to meet the company's goals. Therefore, it is possible to develop projects that challenge and offer awards to employees with higher performance according to established goals. Thus, with all the motivated company, it is easier to meet the goals.
6- Replace strategies that do not work
Your goals may not be working due to some taking strategy. It is important to periodically review and if necessary, replace with new ones. A change even if the term calls for new strategies before, during and after. Changing the way things happen in your company may not be an easy task, especially if the whole team is used to perform tasks in a certain way. Reinforce that it is time to change and adapt and enjoy to also renew some areas of your company. If your company does not use technology as an ally for internal communication, for example, this is a good time to adapt.
7- Make periodic reviews
Follow the progress of your goal into weekly or monthly reviews. Set a day of the month or week to be held a meeting at the company's board, apure data, conduct meetings in each department and point positives and negatives. Reinforce the positive points and propose changes to the negatives. Analyze how much the company is close or distant targets. This is the time to celebrate what has been achieved and to reflect on the distance to the targets.
What separates the abstract concrete is your action
Following the tips is a great help to direct their actions and fulfill their goals. The action, however, is what defines whether the goals will be achieved. Once you already have your goal set, start to get your hands dirty and avoid distractions. The daily action and the constant monitoring of workflow allow the set targets have greater chances of being achieved.