In small businesses the ability to act quickly is certainly noted and recognized as a great advantage. This is because decisions do not need to go through several layers of the company and it is quickly approved without much bureaucracy, streamlining the workflow. Internal communication also has the advantage of being facilitated by the small number of people involved in the process.
However, the intranet technology can further improve the work environment of small businesses. They are wrong who think that internal communication in small organizations do not at fault and therefore, do not need to change and adapt to market innovations. Read below 6 reasons why small businesses should also invest in intranet:
1- Failures and difficulties in communication
Even very small businesses suffer from flaws in internal communication. If the communication involves more than two people, there may be noise and this loss effect on productivity. If the company's employees are told what is going through rumors in the hallway, for example, there is evidence of a major communication problem. A misinformed team generates uncertain information, which can result in dissatisfaction for both the employees and for the company's direction.
If in your company some employees are absent frequently to the tasks or any other reason, contact them when they are out can be difficult. If the mobile phone is still the main way you contact these employees, their spending on telephony are likely to be higher. . With the intranet it is possible to reduce these costs and cause employees to stay connected to the company during the period of absence, being easy to contact them at any time.
2- Accessible information in one place
The lack of a specific channel to provide reports, regulations, memos, objectives and warnings, resulting in severe problems for businesses, even small ones. With the help of intranet can all be available in one place, with a few clicks to reach the destination and with free access for everyone.
Forms to be filled, presentations and documents can also be made available on the intranet and thus eliminate the excess of information sent by email.
3- Time is money
Think of all the time that could be saved only in the company using the intranet. Communication is facilitated, the production of documents is fast and everything is recorded in the same place for future reference. Certainly much time will be saved, resulting in a more productive team.
If time is money, more productivity in less time is a desire of any company. This topic is here to convince you that the intranet is a great solution to optimize internal communication also in small businesses.
4- More integration
Even in small companies can be that some employees interact with each other. And why is this a problem? Because we spent many hours of our day in the workplace and without integration between company and employees, the chance of dissatisfaction is higher. little integrated Employees also do not feel free to ask questions and hear the views of colleagues, resulting in loss of quality of work.
With the help of intranet employees can ask questions to each other more easily through specific tools for this. New employees can also be integrated into the team in optimal time. The more integration among employees, the better the pace to perform group tasks. integrated employees joined him, along with the company, it results in a considerable increase in productivity and quality of work.
5- Accommodation in the clouds
With the hosting in the cloud intranet is much more accessible for small businesses. With this type of storage is not necessary for the company to invest in its own server or have someone specialized in T.I. within the company to acquire the intranet. The monthly fee already covers the storage and support.
6- Security
His company uses a social network to make internal communication? important company data are made available by this means? Are you sure that is the safest way to do this? non-specific social networks for corporate use are certainly not the best choice. Already the intranet is private only for the company and authorized persons, which limits access. Another security measure is the special encryption in the case of exchange private messages, files available and all activities on the intranet.
To conclude, we can say that the intranet is certainly the best choice to optimize internal communication of your company. large, medium or small businesses can enjoy the qualities that the intranet has to offer for each case. Take a test drive today and innovate the way that your company uses to communicate internally.