Image: Reproduction / Rio 2016
The Olympic Games bring together the best athletes from around the world to compete against each other in different types of sports. These athletes stand out for having focus, skill and dedication in what they do. We can take as an example for everyday business in some of these characteristics and thus learn valuable lessons about overcoming and perseverance to achieve goals.
Check out 7 valuable lessons we can learn from the Olympics and apply the company:
1- Success demands preparation
Athletes train a lot to have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics, right? They are daily hours used in a lot of training and preparation. So why the companies would be different? If you want the company to reach the level of the industry's best, you should prepare for it. Invest in proper training, observe your competitors and study daily to always be prepared.
2- Stand out
The Olympic Games are competitive in the same way that the market is. In this way, know that only the best will have a chance to compete and only the best of the best will be highlighted. And how can you stand out among the best? Only with great dedication.
3- Recognition matter
Athletes battle for that win medals, especially gold. We know that not only is the recognition that matters, but it is still rather paramount. For businesses, struggle to get recognition from customers is above all a marketing strategy. If your customers recognize the company and also indicate their service to others means you are spreading your brand for free. Pinpoint customers happy and earn propagators of your brand.
4- Learn to work in teams
Even in individual sports there behind the athlete a team composed of various types of professionals to help you reach the top. In business success also occurs from a good teamwork. Each professional has individual qualities which combined produce a great job. qualified professionals in different areas produce a heterogeneous and full team.
5- Know where you want to get
Athletes of the Olympics have focus where they want to go. Do you know what the company's focus? If you are not yet working on a specific goal makes the path to be trodden it more clearly.
6- Learn to use your strengths
As the best athletes, learn to use the strengths to your advantage. Your company differs from others in that? Even in very crowded areas can be distinguished from a differential. Enjoy institutional advertising campaigns to show customers what are the strengths of the company.
7- It is better to try and fail than never try
In the Olympic Games there are three types of medals: gold, silver and bronze. In the market, although there is no podium we know that few companies stand out and that the path to success some may be left behind. Do not be discouraged if your business is not yet in a prominent position in relation to the other, have determination, persistence and understand that the attempt is already a big step. It is also the experience of learning from mistakes and work from them to achieve success next time.
They are certainly valuable lessons these we have to learn from the Olympics. For the company achieve success, as well as the best athletes is paramount above all have great strength and dedication in what you do.