The implementation of the social intranet system in a company aims to promote engagement and motivation in your a team of employees, generating higher productivity and positive results. The features offered are diverse, and contribute to a collaborative working environment and a more decentralized hierarchical structure.
However, in many cases, the team does not see the platform as a resource that will change their activities at work. This new tool may seem difficult or even without if not indicated its benefits and the reasons for their use. Among the objectives that lead a company to apply the intranet include:
  • Endomarketing;
  • Internal communication and consequent interaction between employees;
  • Quality and speed of processes;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Productivity increase.
To engage employees in this space, you need to consider what features can engage them, since each company has its particularities and specific needs, take these functions and what they can provide the knowledge of the team. However, some tactics may be applied to emphasize the relevance of a social intranet:
Content not related to the business environment
Functioning as a corporate social network, social intranet provides its users with a news feed. But this environment should not necessarily only be fed with news and information related to the business environment and can be published and shared content related to other issues, making this social network a relaxed and attractive space to browse and share.
Interaction between employees
Provide a space where employees can also publish, enjoy and comment on the publications feed your social intranet will allow interaction between not only among the closest, but between sectors of the company, thereby promoting a sense of belonging and unity. Some examples of how this interaction can be effective are publications directed to employees, seeking their participation and providing a democratic space where opinions, suggestions and complaints are accepted and respected; posts with relaxed content with matters relating to travel, leisure, gastronomy, and others, can generate the same way, an interactive space. No doubt, provide interaction is an essential tactic for greater engagement of employees with intranet.
Tools in action
Among the resources available on an intranet are tools that increase productivity. However, more than have these tools to be used by the team, it is important that they see being used and how they contribute in agility activities, offering more quality in performing tasks. Discussion forums and knowledge base are some of these tools, we note the improvement that possible, can attract the attention of employees.
Source rewards
Not only the employees of a company, but the human being expects to be rewarded. Offering your team work opportunities to be rewarded for their work is motivating, and using social intranet as a source of these rewards will lead to greater engagement with the platform. One of the strategies that the company can use to achieve this goal is the gamification, using the intranet as a place to play "games", awakening not only positive competitiveness among its employees, but also increased knowledge and use of available resources.
A social and collaborative intranet certainly provides a better organizational environment, and the possibilities to attract employees of a company for its use are many. It is necessary that the organization's managers are attentive to the needs and specificities of your business sectors and teams, and seek with creativity and dedication to put into practice the best ways to work with the intranet in order to influence them so that they engage, with collective effort, the use of these corporate social networks.