Collaborators engaged, productive work environment, and positive results are some of the main characteristics that every company aims to have. To achieve this, many tools help in the process of taking a company to a new level. However, a technological trend comes to innovate this process.
Have you heard the term corporate e-learning? Today, many companies have put this trend into practice, because of the facilities and benefits it offers. It is an internal online training, such as a corporate education, in which there is the construction of knowledge in an organized and efficient way, seeking to qualify the employees.
In order for a company to have characteristics such as those described at the beginning of the text, it is important to emphasize that, given the new technologies available in the market, organizations must keep abreast of changes that are continually occurring, such as platforms that allow corporate e-learning. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of its use as an impulse, providing growth not only to the professional but also to the success of the company, and this is what corporate education proposes.
The benefits, therefore, are seen on both sides: business and professional. An organization that cares about the productivity of its work environment will provide its employees with methods to get their work done in the best way.
Internal online training has a better cost / benefit ratio, greater savings and more time, for practicality in accessing content and low cost. The learning process aims to develop competencies, and once the employee undergoes training, he realizes that his work is valued and motivated to perform his tasks, increasing engagement and reducing possible errors that may occur. This motivation cooperates with the reduction of the turnover rate of employees, known as turnover.
Empowering your employees contributes to the discovery of talents in your corporate environment, making your company continue to invest in these potential employees, capable of increasing the competitiveness of their products and services.
The virtual training promotes autonomy for the employees, who now also become students, as in the flexibility of schedules to watch the video lessons. These less formal means of training, such as corporate e-learning, facilitate interaction among employees, while also improving the company's internal communication. That is, this trend is a strong ally when it comes to improving the work environment of an organization.
There are several benefits of an online platform that allows internal training for your work team. For this reason, Vivaintra makes available in its intranet the Internal Training tool, in which collaborators can have access to video-lessons and other materials on subjects related to their departments, evaluations at the end of each course, so that the student is evaluated, Receive a note and also certificate.
The evaluation system in each course allows the company's managers to have indicators, and to check which employees stand out the most, courses that provide better and worse grades between them and effective results. These reports will guide managers to better use the tool.


Your company can do more with this tool that will increase productivity and engagement in your work environment. Try it, the platform is free!