Do you know how your business is viewed by outside audiences? And the intern? The opinion of these two publics may interfere with your company's reputation as an Employer Branding.
This term refers to the strategy of building an image of your company as a place where everyone wants to work, and has a set of techniques that departments of your company can apply together in order to retain and attract talent to work with you.
Aligning the HR and Marketing sectors, for example, is one of the alternatives to managing the Employer Branding within a company, since we are talking about the vision that the internal public has of the place where it works. By the way, did you remember Google, the famous company known for its work environment and which receives 1 million resumes a year? So, it is one of the companies that has built an excellent brand image for an employer.
Keeping your employees engaged and happy in your work environment is one of the concerns of the HR industry, and it's important to look at how that inner public is seeing the organization where you work. If the inner public is the first to speak badly of your company, then the external one will not have many reasons to disagree.
That is, to promote techniques - and can be varied, varying from company to company, each with its specific characteristics - that seek to value their work team will demonstrate that the company recognizes their work and seeks to provide a good place to work, To become a good employer.
For those who are looking for a job, knowing that your company is committed to valuing its employees, offering opportunities, maintaining horizontal communication, among other factors, there will be no doubts as to whether to apply for a vacancy. After all, new talents are out there looking for companies that recognize their efforts and are willing to provide a good organizational work environment.
Building a positive image of Employer Branding does not happen overnight, but investing in it will enable new talent to come to you, not you chasing after them. A company that values ​​will be valued by its public, and may see positive results in retaining and attracting good professionals.