Everyone uses mobile

Poll by Ibope 2 years ago in partnership with the Institute Connect and the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) has indicated that the Brazilian spends on average 84 minutes a day using a smartphone. And this average has increased.

According to Henrique Carvalho, a specialist in Digital Marketing, 15% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices and in less than three years will already be between 20 and 25% of all accesses performed worldwide.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, recently published an indicator that people using their social network through mobile phones and tablets are at least 2 times more active than the others.

Direct channel to the employee

Digital communication has come to make life easier for organizations bringing agility, convenience and low cost. The mobile technologies create a direct channel and more efficient with the developer since they are already connected and familiar with your mobile device.

The use of internal communication applications such as chat and social corporate intranet platform is a differential for companies seeking a more rapid and efficient communication with your team. Since an internal news to a statement, with the help of mobile, the information quicker and with a much higher return than no use.

Mobile just right

The mobile is a powerful communication channel on interna and some care must be taken by the company so that communication does not become inconvenient and the developer is over seeing the use of mobile as a negative for the company.

 -Setting a usage policy for mobile

 -Atentar Up for items of hours of messages and notifications

 -not Overly send messages

 -Monitorar Cell phone use through mobile usage reports