The Vivaintra Internal Communication module facilitates the sending of communiqués to employees, both on the intranet and by e-mail, providing a report and allowing the recipients to return in an organized and practical manner.
It is possible to create CIs (the messages sent in the module) of thanks, clarification, informative, request, feedback, among others.
We have updated this module, which now has a modern layout and a user-friendly interface, as well as better functionalities, which offer greater control and details for those who send and receive the ICs.
  • Who has already viewed your CI: the CI sender can have a report of who has already viewed the communiqué sent, thus having greater control over the dissemination of the content;
  • Who viewed and did not respond: In the Internal Communication module it is important that all recipients register their position on the content - thus leaving the communication marked as read. But when people who viewed CI did not respond, you have access to those who have not left their registered position;
  • Notification to those who have not read: Even the IC presenting a message on the initial intranet screen about a new communication, people may end up forgetting to read the message. Therefore, the sender can send a notification to those who have not yet viewed the IC, reaching all who must receive it;
  • Attachments: When creating a CI, there is the option to attach some document, being available for the recipients to view and download next to the text of the communiqué;
  • Shipping scheduling: If you already want to leave scheduled the sending of a statement, simply put the date and time of sending at the time of creating the IC. In addition, you can also set the return limit of the recipients;
  • Percentage graph: Quickly see the percentage of people who viewed and did not see the CI with a graph on the page of each release;
  • Printing: If you want to print the document, the module has a button for printing the CI.
Now you can send your internal communications with assertiveness and even with the formality that the occasion requires, also having access to reports of who viewed, did not respond, IC status (in progress, completed and canceled), as well as notification, printing and scheduling.
Create your free Vivaintra account, invite your co-workers and start using the platform. Test the IC module and see how internal communication can be much more effective and your team aligned!
* This version of the module is only available for installations from 2017 onwards.