Do you know that a high employee turnover is not advantageous for a company? Each exit can generate high costs and an adaptation of new members requires a minimum time, in addition to the training period in which the employee may give up.
Therefore, turnover - the term used to designate the rate of entry and exit of employees - we do not develop a high index. It is necessary to be concerned with these numbers, since they are employees are indispensable elements for the performance of the organization. An outflow of employees is especially unfavorable when it involves competent and skilled workers.
But do you know how the reasons that contribute to the increase in turnover? We separate 5 of them that they manage as companies with tips so you can avoid them!

Unpleasant relationship between boss and employee

When the relationship between the collaborator and his superior is not good, he has just disconnected from the organization. Inaccessible leaders who abuse their authority and are not open to hearing new assessments discourage the employee.
Performing as functions becomes complicated and dull when it is not freedom. In this way, the employee resigns to avoid the boss and has just disconnected from the company as well.
How to solve: give space for new ideas and listen as opinions of other members. Be available to interact with employees for whom it is possible to approach and improve coexistence.

Hostile work environment

Working in a non-humanized environment can cause serious problems, such as depression and anxiety. What is what you want to say is what is a problem?
Hostile corporate environments are able to ward off bonships. Spaces where people are diminished by their best or even other work jobs, have a great chance of having a poor tempo. Remember that employees are representatives of the company image, disgruntled employees transmit negative images.
How to solve: what is the dominant climate in the company? Make an analysis and see the points that need to be improved for which employees are feeling better to exercise their skills.

Low interaction with other collaborators

Integration with work colleagues and even other teams can reach the level of employee productivity. Spending most of the day in an environment where there is no dialogue is distressing and makes the employee feel isolated. For the company to thrive, proper communication between team members is required, that is, integration is indispensable.
When there is discomfort in the workplace, problems begin. This factor influences individual performance and efficiency. For this reason, a good coexistence in the office is essential.
How to solve: promote interaction among employees within the company, in this post we separate the best tips for you to achieve good results.

Excess of work

Employees more committed to the company end up suffering more from overwork. By having the confidence of the superiors, they end up taking responsibility for a greater amount of tasks and overloading the work routine, which produces a high level of stress.
For this to not happen, the leader must be aware of the problems that the employee faces when placed in this situation, which can not become a custom. An employee who suffers from overwork is more likely to turn off negatively, which is very damaging to the company.
How to solve: Pay attention to the activities being carried out, you will surely notice when the work is exhausting for the collaborator.

Lack of recognition

The employee who does not have the recognition of their leaders feels unmotivated. Your effort needs to be noticed and rewarded so that it continues to progress in results. The absence of recognition also includes an unfair salary. This issue is important for increasing employee disengagement because pay is considered the most rewarding criterion for most people.
How to solve: make a gratuity policy for the company. Whenever a collaborator achieves a good result, acknowledge the effort and congratulate him with positive feedback. Compliments are always welcome. There are several ways to show an employee that he has value, make sure which format works best for each type of situation.


It is possible to reduce employee turnover within the organization when problems are addressed and solved. When employee exit cases are large, it is because there are some complications. Be aware of the routine of employees and evaluate what kind of transformation is necessary for the work to develop.
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