Are you facing internal organizational problems? You need an intranet to end this! But why does your company need an intranet? We select the signals so that you can identify the platform's need in the organization. Check out:

Internal communication failure

Communication with noise is detrimental to the organization. Internal communication is the starting point for work to be productive and satisfying, team members need to constantly exchange information so that their jobs are well performed. Just like in our daily lives, we need each other to survive, in the corporate environment could not be different.
With the tool, all employees are connected to the events of the company and can interact. The idea is to share information in a clear way, without misunderstandings that harm the work and consequently the company.

Use of social networks within the company

Are contributors using social networking and instant messaging applications - like WhatsApp - to communicate? They threaten productivity, since they are directly connected to the external world, hardly the employee will not take that look at the messages received from other people who are not part of the company.
A survey of 1,200 professionals reveals that 45% of respondents admit that social networks hinder concentration at work. The use of the intranet puts an end to the use of tools that undermine the personal performance of the employee, since it works in a similar way to these platforms, but totally directed to the corporate world.
Working in a similar way to Whatsapp, corporate chat is the main responsible for the exchange of fast messages on the desktop, also making it possible to send files. Check out our post on the benefits it provides to the organization!

There are uninformed employees about internal events

It is necessary that the changes have the knowledge of all the members so that it works. The buzz strategy - a term used to describe word of mouth - is not effective when it comes to the corporate environment where people are busy and there is no time for comment unless the change is drastic.
The lack of information harms, in addition to the employees, the company. How to move forward without full majority participation? Warnings need to be posted in places with visibility, such as on the intranet.
There is also the possibility of using a Corporate TV, where the contents are exposed both to the internal and external public.

Lack of interaction between teams

A company that has more than one department needs both to be connected and aware of the events. We understand that it is difficult to communicate between different sectors, either because of the different space or agenda. If the teams are distant, there will probably be conflicts, deadlines, misinformation, and dissatisfied customers.
The dynamics in the workplace work best when teams are integrated and ready to face the obstacles, making the company thrive. With efficient internal communication, members can increase revenue and achieve high levels of productivity.

Lack of organization to perform tasks

The functions that must be performed by the employee must be organized in a visible space so that they are fulfilled in an appropriate way. The intranet helps employees to have the discipline to perform their duties, a fundamental factor for the proper functioning of the work.
In the intranet, the tasks are concentrated in one place, that is, the reminders will not be scattered in several spaces that make access difficult. In addition, the tool displays notifications, it is impossible not to remember one the obligation that is to be done.
Access the post on the task module and stay inside.


The tool makes the work much more agile for employees. It saves time and improves the organization of both employees and the company in general. The intranet is a great way for you to optimize and leverage the services offered by the organization.


Start using the intranet and prove its benefits, it's free!