Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar sua intranet.

Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar a intranet.


Internal communication is responsible for aligning team goals, company values ​​and what the employee expects from the organization where he works. It has a strategic role within the [...]
  O conceito de Customer Experience (CX) é o conjunto de ações tomadas para melhorar e otimizar as interações entre consumidores e as empresas [...]
A valorização e a motivação do colaborador é um dos focos principais dentro de uma organização. Atualmente, as empresas buscam trabalhar com [...]
Chat - The benefits of corporate chat   Currently, it has become increasingly common to use corporate chat in companies, especially in the current scenario, which most companies are [...]
Being the home office a reality for more and more professionals, especially for the current moment that we are going through, at times, it can become difficult given the distractions and often the [...]
You may have noticed that many companies are betting on different modalities of work, with more flexible schedules, remote work, among others.   Focusing more specifically on remote [...]
Existem alguns desafios entre a relação matriz e filial, quando se trata sobre comunicação, a qual é importante durante a expansão do negócio e [...]
O avanço da tecnologia é cada vez vez mais inevitável, e não é diferente com as redes sociais. Elas estão em todo lugar, inclusive no ambiente de [...]
Se você está pensando em adquirir uma TV Corporativa para a sua empresa, mas não sabe por onde começar e ainda têm dúvidas sobre como ela funciona, continue [...]
Uma etapa importante de toda a empresa é começar o ano com seu planejamento estratégico bem estruturado. As equipes analisam os pontos fortes e fracos da [...]
Dentro das empresas, há inúmeros canais de comunicação que são utilizados para passar as informações, seja de modo geral ou para um público [...]
A Tv Corporativa é mais uma opção de canal para auxiliar na Comunicação Interna da Empresa, transmitindo em diversos locais, conteúdos e [...]
Sendo a intranet uma ferramenta de comunicação interna, ela visa não só melhorar a comunicação, mas também o engajamento e interação [...]
The news module is an important tool for engagement and interaction between employees that companies can use, since news on the intranet allows the dissemination of relevant content, being [...]
Como em toda empresa, é de grande importância ter uma estrutura organizacional bem delimitada. Na Intranet é possível, através do módulo Institucional [...]
É importante que o fluxo de atividades seja de forma organizada e eficaz, visto que em muitos casos os colaboradores podem deixar tarefas acumuladas ou até mesmo esquecê-las. [...]
A ferramenta de Help Desk têm auxiliado muitos departamentos de T.I nas empresas, aumentando a produtividade dos atendentes, a interação com os clientes e a [...]
Comunicação Externa define-se por aquela que transmite a sua imagem, seja para consumidores, fornecedores ou agentes exteriores para o seu público externo. Ela tem por [...]
Comunicação Organizacional nada mais é do que qualquer estratégia tomada para desenvolver de maneira progressiva o fluxo de informações dentro de uma [...]
Webinar é uma estratégia do marketing digital de um seminário online à um público específico, ele pode ser transmitido ao vivo e também ser gravado [...]
Both Internal Communication and Internal Marketing have their similarities, such as the profitability of the organization. However, even though they very much believe that both are the same, they [...]
Mesmo com a tecnologia em alta nas empresas nos últimos anos, é fato que ainda existem muitos problemas com a comunicação interna, algo que acaba atrapalhando no [...]
Apesar de ser uma ferramenta recorrente nas empresas hoje em dia, a intranet ainda carrega algumas dúvidas sobre como ela funciona, qual a sua importância e o que precisa saber sobre [...]
Atualmente, cada vez mais empresas adotam o sistema de intranet para melhorar a comunicação interna entre outros fatores, entretanto, há situações que os [...]
We know that when you start using a new tool in our day to day, it takes time to adapt, to know all the features and to explore the best you can offer us.   When it comes to hiring an [...]
The internal communication allows in your company all the contact between employees and organization gaining a considerable increase in productivity and the alignment of all sectors of the [...]
Are you facing internal organizational problems? You need an intranet to end this! But why does your company need an intranet? We select the signals so that you can identify the platform's [...]
Teams that work together are able to increase the company's productivity and bring better performance to employees. When there are well-structured working groups, coexistence in the work [...]
A corporate TV is a tool that allows the creation of an internal TV channel to create a medium of communication and information, and even to foment the culture of the company.   Many [...]
Communication allows relationships to happen. In companies this could not be different, and it is critical that organizations give due importance to processes involving internal [...]
One of the important steps for every company is its strategic planning, which analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, how the company is at that moment, what has not been done [...]
How do teams, departments, and people from different positions communicate within your company? The flow of communication within organizations goes through different and equal hierarchical levels, [...]
How important is internal communication in the company you work for? Maintaining aligned communication between employees is key to keep your business growing.   Being inattentive to [...]
When an innovation is proposed in a company, it is common for insecurity to appear. However, to be ahead is to risk and seek improvements to the internal environment of [...]
Much is said about intranets, the advantages and challenges of using them, and companies are interested in whether or not a platform would work with their team.   We know this can be [...]
Innovations in technology and increasing access to virtual space provide changes in the lives of its users, providing more practical day-to-day. In the internal environment of companies, whether [...]
Image: Reproduction / Rio 2016   The Olympic Games bring together the best athletes from around the world to compete against each other in different types of sports. These athletes [...]
Before installing the social and collaborative intranet in your company, you have the following storage options: local hosting on your own server or hosting in the cloud (external server). The [...]
It is common for a few days in the workplace you have the feeling of lack of productivity. Desperation can take care of those moments and seems to be impossible to work around the situation, but [...]
Creativity is a gift? Not really. It is a knowledge and as in any area of ​​knowledge, it is necessary to invest time for it to be exercised. It may be that some people have more easily to [...]
Easter is an important Christian celebration, marked by the memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The origin of the data, however, comes from the Jewish religion and celebrates the passage [...]
When thinking about buying a chocolate, you remember that chocolate is sold in a particular place, as the market and the market it is located on the candy, right ?! If you know the market, you [...]
The Digital Workplace is a summation of elements of the old models of intranet and fulfill promises that were not possible viable in other models, making these old weaknesses of the area into [...]
The VivaIntra, company incubated in the accelerator SENAI C2i Curitiba wins award for best intranet in the category of collaboration Intranet Portal Award 2015.   Alessandro Issi, [...]
In its fifth edition Social Media Curitiba was a great success for all audiences of digital media. The event was mainly to analyze the current situation of Social Media and success stories. Keep [...]
Everyone uses mobile Poll by Ibope 2 years ago in partnership with the Institute Connect and the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) has indicated that the Brazilian [...]
Monday, after a great weekend with the family, you're all excited about the week to come, to sit at the computer open the e-mail box and she was busy again. You identified with this situation? [...]
These three terms are common in some workplaces, but do you know what they really mean?   In this post we will detail the terms of Internet, Intranet and Extranet so that you know [...]