Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar sua intranet.

Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar a intranet.


The Knowledge Base is a resource that the intranet brings to store articles, manuals, internal process flows, which allows employees to ask a question that is directed to the team, thus creating a [...]
E-Learning, que significa "eletronic learning" (em português, aprendizado eletrônico), consiste numa modalidade de auto-aprendizagem realizada à distância que [...]
The gamification is not new in the business world, it has existed since 2002 but has become increasingly present in the daily lives of companies in recent years. Research shows that [...]
The performance evaluation was developed to calculate the competence and capacity of the employees. It consists of an evaluation developed by supervisors or senior managers that gives employees [...]
Feedback is the culture of evaluating employees' actions and results so that they can evolve in relation to their negative aspects but at the same time have their strengths recognized and [...]
Have you ever had to work as a team, whether at work, college or college, even in some momentum, right?   Teamwork allows you to optimize results by uniting people with different [...]
You agree that today's work environments have been transforming and adapting to new technologies, right? Organizational cultures are constantly changing and unaccompanied companies are left [...]
The implementation of the social intranet system in a company aims to promote engagement and motivation in your a team of employees, generating higher productivity and positive results. The [...]
Trace your route to the goal is the first step, and perhaps most importantly, to achieve the desired success. It is important to draw a path with clarity so that your goals are met. Not [...]
The Knowledge Base provided by Vivaintra is a collaborative platform in question and answer format and is already in operation. It is possible to answer certain questions from questions registered [...]
To understand what is collaboration, we must first remember what being a kid. All that fun time which did everything for a good joke, we helped the friend to set up your toys without worrying [...]
Engagement and employee turnover are key factors to retain more talent, have people committed and proactive in business. There are several reasons why employees do not stay in business or become [...]
Companies already know the usefulness and traditional intranet tools. And we all know social networks and are faced with the power to communicate that these digital platforms have. New ways to [...]