O Dia dos Pais está chegando e datas comemorativas são ótimas oportunidades para engajar colaboradores uns com os outros e também com a empresa em que trabalham. Para [...]
É sempre bom fazermos uma boa ação ao próximo, ainda mais dentro de uma empresa, onde todos os colaboradores se unem para promover uma ação social em [...]
  É de conhecimento de todos, que as festas juninas são comemoradas em todo o Brasil no decorrer do mês de Junho e também as pessoas celebram o dia de [...]
O Dia das Mães está chegando e datas comemorativas são ótimas oportunidades para engajar colaboradores uns com os outros e também com a empresa em que trabalham. [...]
Uma das coisas mais importantes dentro da empresa é o engajamento dos colaboradores e a integração entre eles. Datas comemorativas, como a Páscoa, são momentos [...]
  No dia 8 de março, comemora-se o Dia da Mulher. Este passou a ser representado quando em 1857, um grupo de mulheres trabalhadoras em Nova York fizeram uma greve exigindo melhores [...]
Just like in October with women, the world is looking to make men aware of prostate cancer prevention. In support, companies and organizations seek to gather, promote internal events, and take [...]
In October, the world celebrates the October Rose movement, which seeks to raise awareness among women about breast cancer prevention.   During this period, companies and [...]
The 5S originated in Japan after the Second World Guera and sought to increase the productivity of industries in the post-war period, so as to improve production and adapt to highly competitive [...]
In small businesses the ability to act quickly is certainly noted and recognized as a great advantage. This is because decisions do not need to go through several layers of the company and it is [...]
Intranet systems are increasingly close to what we define as social networks. With the emergence of Web 2.0, many things on the internet evolved as greater possibility of user interaction for [...]
The hick festivals are celebrated throughout Brazil during the month of June to celebrate Saint John. Music, clothes and rustic decor are also part of the context. Many companies hold parties with [...]
Often companies invest a lot in a flawless system intranet, however, can not good results due to lack of employee engagement. Although your intranet is within the trends, with useful tools and [...]
We know that the intranet is a great solution for internal communication problems and acts centralizing company information, ensures greater engagement and productivity, increase the positive [...]
Internal communication is essential for the organization of any business, whether small, medium or large. The company must have internal communication to provide its employees and reminders [...]
With the market shrinking economy in crisis, many sectors within the company have their budget reduced and internal communication is one of the sectors that suffer most when business is not [...]
Too often end up working hours and at the end of the day you have the feeling that your day was not very productive or you like to have a few more hours to get to account for all labor demand it [...]
Problems with lack of interest in the mural newspaper publications? Problems with the lack of centralization of systems that your company uses? And communication between employees is also not the [...]
Organizations have realized that their workforce is of great importance and their satisfaction with the work environment improves their image, increase engagement with their goals and consequently [...]