Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar sua intranet.

Use o seu e-mail corporativo para acessar a intranet.


In general, the evolution of a company involves the development of its employees, whether their skills or knowledge. It is through it that it is possible to implement innovative processes, retain [...]
The opening of the 2018 World Cup will be on June 14 at the Luzhniki Stadium in the Russian capital, Moscow, at 12 noon Brasília time. Soon after the show's end, the Russian team will [...]
Organizing and managing day-to-day tasks are practices that help a lot when it comes to being more productive and completing them on time.   When there is more than one person engaged [...]
The Vivaintra Internal Communication module facilitates the sending of communiqués to employees, both on the intranet and by e-mail, providing a report and allowing the recipients to return [...]
A company with many internal processes needs to be aware that there are fewer flaws and more success, right?   But sometimes they can go unnoticed, jeopardizing the flow of activities [...]
To offer improvements so that your company continues to grow and stand out, with employees really engaged in the work routine: this is why Vivaintra has rethought and reformulated its Tasks [...]
Automating processes can be a good practice to take your company to positive results, such as increased productivity, decreased time in the execution of activity and better profitability. It [...]
Organization and agility are essential when seeking a more productive work environment. The People module and extensions will be Contacts and extensions, and will function as a tool that enables [...]
This month marks the movement Pink October, known worldwide for fight against breast cancer. The focus of the movement is to educate society and women about cancer prevention by early [...]
How does your company organize the activities to be carried out on a day-to-day? Does the method used to manage them enable better performance of employees? In order to improve the organization of [...]
Always focused on bringing innovation to the internal organizational environment of enterprises, VivaIntra now offers a new option for you to gain more productivity. Already in the air the new [...]
The ACP is one of the representative bodies of trade in Paraná. She became widely known thanks to the credit consultation services such as SCPC (SEPROC). Currently has more than 26 thousand [...]
It happened earlier this week (28/03), the launch of the new intranet Hydronorth. For the implementation was carried out an internal event at company headquarters, which took place at 08:00 [...]
You already know the agenda Vivaintra? The tool is a novelty that has come to speed up the appointments for the day and better organize the routine. By accessing the tool, a calendar appears in [...]
Corporate TV is the newest release of VivaIntra and came to complete the digital internal communication efficiency in the companies that hired our services.   Its operation The [...]
The future starts now and it has become a great reality, technology advances at an extraordinary speed, began by little develop our future. That future is represented in which people have no work [...]
Resource Booking
03/08/2015 em Updates
How your company manages the reservation of internal resources such as meeting room? Do you know what resources are being most in demand? Many companies have internal communication problems and [...]