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Collaborative Development

The development of its intranet enterprise occurs collaboratively between your company and our staff . Tell us your idea and it will be prepared especially for you. Understand how it works below.
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the Collaborative Development happens

Ideas to take-off

The needs of your company can become one of our apps and generate incredible solutions with our help.

Scratch Idea

First we listen to what you need. Then we survey and analyse your needs so that we can offer you the best solution.

From scratch to web application

We develop the solution according to our survey. You will be able to follow the entire process, from scratch until delivery at our tests server.

We put the resource to the test

As soon as the resource is homologated, we will update your Intranet version with the resource and assist you closely during your first updatings. We will receice your feedback and improve your app, if you judge necessary.

Tools Store

We publish new tools developed to the Directors , so they know the news and request installation, at no charge. Hence, you and other Vivaintra customers win together.