Collaborative development

One of our biggest differentials is Collaborative Development, since Vivaintra believes that several needs of some companies can be adopted by other companies. Therefore, if your company needs a specific solution, we are available to develop it in partnership, providing discounts of up to 50% in creation and production.


Vivaintra believes that grouping in one place the processes and integrations with third-party software helps in productivity, in addition to enabling greater communication and engagement of employees.

Integrations already accomplished

-Pentaho Business Analytics
-LDAP Active Directory
-Web Service
-Microsoft Exchange
-Google Login(Agenda)

Layouts Vivaintra

Get to know our layouts and see which one is right for your company

  • Layout

    Simpler and leaner, this layout, in addition to social timeline, suits with companies that work with low production of internal content.

  • Layout

    Sections like blogs and birthdays appear in this layout, ideal for companies that want to make more information available.

  • Layout

    Aimed at companies looking to split their layout between news, meeting calendar and photo and video gallery.

  • Layout

    A more complete layout, with the dissemination of events and ads, for companies with teams focused on the production of content for internal communication.



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