Both Internal Communication and Internal Marketing have their similarities, such as the profitability of the organization. However, even though they very much believe that both are the same, they are different. In this post, you will understand what are the differences between them as well as their role within the company.

Internal communication

Internal communication aims to inform employees about actions that are carried out in the company, as well as what the company's values, strategies, objectives and goals are. It can be transmitted through messages on the Intranet, using the Internal Communication Module, Notices and also in the Institutional module when referring to the company's values ​​and missions.
In addition, it contributes to the company's processes and facilitates the integration of teams and individuals, producing a collaborative flow within the organization. Internal communication also takes place more objectively for institutional information, indicators and work goals.


On the other hand, Endomarketing seeks to bring engagement and motivation, through communication strategies. In addition, internal marketing is related to the company's interaction with employees, bringing greater results in terms of increased productivity.
It is through Endomarketing that there is greater alignment and integration between the company and the employee, since the actions taken are for the benefit of the relationship with the work staff. In addition, internal marketing actions must always be aligned with the company's objectives, so that they bring effective results. To carry out Endomarketing Campaigns, it is possible to use Corporate TV, the Blogs and Training module aiming to align employees.
Gather your team and the departments involved to think about the differences between Internal Communication and Internal Marketing to improve communication processes within your company!
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