The news module is an important tool for engagement and interaction between employees that companies can use, since news on the intranet allows the dissemination of relevant content, being displayed prominently and providing comments and reactions from departments. In this post, you will see 4 benefits of the news module.
Communicates employees about company news
With the Intranet, you can use the news module to disseminate news within the company as a new service or branded product. Thus, employees are attentive to the company's news and also with the freedom to interact with new content.
Informs about events, campaigns, internal processes
Using the news module, you inform the departments about events and campaigns that occur internally and externally within the company, in addition to informing about internal processes that revolve around the organization as well.

Promotes engagement through relevant content

It is possible to promote engagement through relevant content through the news module, since employees can adhere to comments and reactions in posts, bringing greater interaction and a pleasant atmosphere in the work environment.

Comments and reactions that allow interaction between employees

The comments and reactions in the news allow greater interaction between the teams and departments, since with new content on the timeline, employees can find it useful, like, comment on the content, generating this engagement among all.
Use these benefits in favor of the company, increasing productivity and engagement within your company. Still don't know Vivaintra? Sign up for Vivaintra for free and find numerous tools and content available to you. Also, if you liked this post, check out our other posts on Communication and keep improving this area in your business.
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