Amid the difficulties that we are experiencing due to the new Coronavirus, companies are opting for work in the home office. For this, we brought some tips on how to carry out a management and keep activities up to date. Good reading!


What is Coronavirus?


First of all, we need to understand what this new virus is spreading around the world. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a family of viruses that cause respiratory infections and that can be mistaken for a common flu. The virus first appeared in December 2019, after some cases reported in China.


Symptoms can involve runny nose, cough, fever and sore throat. In some cases, they can cause infection of the lower respiratory tract, such as pneumonia, which is more common in people with a history of cardiopulmonary diseases and compromised immune system. In addition, the majority of the targets of the disease are the elderly.


Good home office practices




First, if the company adopts the home office system, it is important to keep in mind that the autonomy offered by remote work requires maturity. So, nothing better than setting daily and weekly goals, in addition to organizing a task board so that all of them are carried out with success and excellence.


Set a time to work hours


Keep a fixed schedule, which can work without interruption of tasks, even those with activities to be carried out with long delivery times. During this period, in addition to helping you maintain a routine, even at a distance with your work, it increases focus and discipline.


Focus and discipline


As already mentioned, the home office can bring many benefits, including autonomy. However, it takes maturity and attention on some important points to not lose focus and to be able to maintain discipline to have a good level of productivity. For example: dress as if it were really for the company to work, pay attention to the choice of workplace at home, have a planning of tasks and activities, maintain communication with your team, among other aspects.


Keep communicating with your team


To facilitate distance communication not only between all team members, but from all departments and the company, use software such as the intranet that proposes chat as a remote communication tool. In addition, it is a channel that is used by everyone and is where you get close contact with your team. Don't forget to always be online, and stay offline only when you are really not available to chat.


Remember: Home office is not a vacation


Working in a home office does not mean that it is a paid vacation. The measure that companies are taking to stay at home, prioritizing their health and that of all teams, does not mean leaving work behind. Therefore, keep your work routine upright, avoid distractions and achieve your goals and objectives by performing tasks and activities.


The health of our employees and the containment of the Coronavirus pandemic, for the good of society, are today our highest priorities. Vivaintra shares these good practices so that you can overcome the challenges of working at a distance and go through this difficult time, which the world is going through.


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