Being the home office a reality for more and more professionals, especially for the current moment that we are going through, at times, it can become difficult given the distractions and often the comfort, which can decrease our productivity. For this reason, we have brought our main modules that will help you to increase the efficiency of your activities with the intranet. Check out!


In this module, you can access your appointments and meetings even though they are remote and still need organization and planning. In addition, this tool allows you to create a meeting with subjects on the agenda and also invite external users to appointments.


Organizing your activities can already be a little difficult at work and at home office it becomes more difficult. In this module, you are able to centralize all your activities that are pending in one place quickly, effectively and organized. Also, the module groups and organizes tasks by areas and projects, creating a segmentation that makes it easy to do them.


In the requisitions module, you can organize and streamline internal company flows, even when working remotely. From simple things like Vacation Request to more complex internal processes. In addition, you can monitor the progress of each request, gaining access to the steps and checklists and keeping everyone responsible for each step up to date.


In addition to being a social environment for interaction between employees, the Timeline allows you to view the company's contents, especially during this period, where we need to be attentive to useful information on how to proceed in relation to the work environment. It is also a place to share news, photos, videos, among others, where you can promote engagement through comments and the reaction button.


In the Home Office, chat becomes the main communication tool, since it centralizes all conversations and information in one place, streamlines communication with employees and departments and allows individual and group conversations for teamwork.


Use these modules in favor of the company, increasing the collaboration and productivity of its activities in this difficult period that the country is facing. Still don't know Vivaintra? Sign up for free at Vivaintra and find numerous tools and content available to you. Also, if you liked this post, check out our other posts on Communication and keep improving this area in your business.