Hey, how are you? Do you have the habit of performing onboarding within your company, or do you not even know what that word means?
First, if you are a manager or act in Human Resources, or are the director of the company, you need to know how onboarding works and how it is essential for your team as a whole. So come on?

What is onboarding?

In the new era in which we live - which is related to both digital and the COVID-19 pandemic -, we need to adapt in the best possible way and organize our processes in general. This includes the way we work with the integration of employees, both with the team and with the company.
Onboarding seeks exactly that: adapting your company's new talents with the rest of the team, in a more agile, practical and efficient way, integrating employees with the company's culture, organization and methodology, making the process more "fun" and without possible future discomfort. All of this means that the professional has a faster adaptation and can offer more productivity.

How is it used?

The Human Resources team is the one who most uses onboarding, which is no longer a simple presentation to become an immersion of hours and even days and, to use this resource, it is necessary to be based on four pillars: guidance, monitoring, supervision and training. By performing the onboarding procedure, you ensure that employees are aligned with the company's culture, retain talent, reduce turnover, engage and motivate.
But for all of this to happen in a correct and targeted way, your team needs to be aligned with the processes that should happen, especially if your company is working in the home office or in a hybrid way.
And that is where a platform and tool comes in to clearly fill these processes in all periods. An intranet such as Vivaintra assists in the management of resources such as onboarding in a complete way, with several modules for your company to take advantage and use in the best possible way, contributing to the integration process in all stages and excluding gaps in this period.
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