The relationship of the leader with his followers is completely linked, as the two sides depend on each other to succeed. The leader will only be successful if his followers engage with the Organization's objectives and produce more and more. In the meantime, the Team Leader will only be successful if he knows how to meet the Leader's expectations, which will be the same perspectives as the Organization.
A study by the Society For Human Resource Management, reported that 68% of HR professionals believe that going to work just to be present decreases productivity in their companies. That is, the Home Office is a great model that collaborates with Productivity, however, for all of this to happen with excellence, we need a good leader in front of the team. So, check out some tips that help the Leader to motivate Home Office Productivity:

1. Be an example for your team

Be a reference for your team, both in professional and private matters. People tend to look up to people who transmit intelligence, empathy and resilience, and these are essential characteristics for a good leader. Remembering that every reflex of your effort is measured through the team;

2. Fight for your team structure

It is important that the team members have a suitable place to work. Try to understand if the equipment and the workplace will, in fact, help with your productivity. Leader who cares about the employee's workstation, delivers a differentiated value from his management;

3. Be as transparent as possible

Work with objectivity and transparency and know how to talk to your team, always using language without double meaning. Stop to listen to your employees and always work with the truth, understand that this is the best way. You will not always satisfy them - but working with a lie will not help - because, in addition to giving a bad image of the organization, you frustrate and demotivate the employee, in addition to many other harms. Working with transparency is undoubtedly the best way forward;

4. Engage with creativity

Look for engaging techniques, but with a more creative touch. Bring strategies that engage the team with the organization's goals and make the home office the healthiest place. Engaged team, will produce more. Look for dynamics so that you can keep the sense of team alive and always seek to improve the relationship between employees;

5. Practice recognition

Recognizing the employee is an action that brings willpower in wanting to grow and learn. It is a necessary motivation for the team to have someone to look up to. This action promotes the team's motivation and makes the employee feel he belongs to the organization;

6. Don't forget to give feedback to the team

Finally, don't forget to collect and provide feedback to your followers, since people like to know how their work is being performed and most importantly: if it is being performed perfectly. And nothing better than having a feedback from your management, so feedback is a determining factor for a team that will bring results and that engages with the company's values.
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