Engagement and employee turnover are key factors to retain more talent, have people committed and proactive in business. There are several reasons why employees do not stay in business or become ineffective as to the need for a shutdown. The infographic below is a survey conducted by HayGroup released in January 2015 shows that the reasons which lead companies lose good employees and what they do to retain the best.

Another index of HayGroup is that employee turnover has grown by 40% of Brazilian companies in 2014 to Joshua Bressane, president of Gemte Consulting, specializing in people management "An employee who is not engaged just goes to the company hit point and fulfill its routine to earn a steady paycheck later this month. "

There is the exchange of employees in all companies, but they become harmful when they occur with a high frequency, for hiring and shutdown is costly and the process of adaptation is an important period for the organization.

The importance of keeping employees engaged

A committed collaboration is one who knows their role within the company, recognizes the importance of their work, sit enthusiastic about what he does, has a growth perspective and think of the success of it associated with the growth of the company.

The best way to engage is the relationship between managers and employees. It is a relationship of trust and collaboration process, have a manager to lead all equally, transparent, makes a difference. The new culture of collaboration in organizations requires instant feedback of their actions, be it digital or face to face, it justified the infographic above that pointed out that to retain the best employees is invested up to 42% in implementation or evaluation process maintenance and performance, another very strong given are the 41% investment in development for leaders. Not a company survive without leadership and we can say that an enthusiastic leader and well connected with your team can extract surprising results of employees.

Managers are responsible for up to 70% of the variation in employee engagement. Gallup poll reveals that about one in 10 people have high talent to manage, another one in five people currently in management functions demonstrate a high level of talent to manage others, while another two in 10 show a talent basic for that. After this data is easier to understand why invest in leadership training is very important for the future of business. A large part of the leaders are not endowed with all the necessary skills to lead and proper training is essential to develop those skills that will be applied to employees where it leads.

According Janaina Manfredini expert in personnel management with an emphasis on coaching "A dedicated staff makes all the difference in a corporation. A committed team performs better and delivers more than expected. Generates greater productivity without increasing effort or stress because when it reaches and makes the best feel more accomplished. The immediate consequence is the happiness of employees and managers. And so tangible, measurable results happen naturally. "

We have encarrar the managers as the coach of a team, he is responsible for deciding who plays, who enters and leaves the field, it is the engajador players, aligns all so that everyone plays synchronized and have victory. Why not invest in good management can be the difference in having a committed team, with great success and excellent productivity or only have a team where everyone does the minimum just to not leave the field.