The 5S originated in Japan after the Second World Guera and sought to increase the productivity of industries in the post-war period, so as to improve production and adapt to highly competitive market.
Currently, the 5S method is a global trend and several companies have already joined. It is a way to increase business productivity without extra costs and the secret is to assign organization and discipline to the work environment in 5 concepts.
See below the 5 concepts of 5S method and understand how they can increase the productivity of the company:
1- Seiri - Sense of use
Just as a tree knows discard their old leaves, the first step is to discard everything that is useless. Separate the useful from the useless and discard everything that does not have more utility.
What improvement in the company: more space for other tasks, easier to find items (documents, tools, etc.), more organized work environment.
2- Seiton - Organization Sense
The purpose of this step is to identify and fix everything so that anyone can easily find. Soon after the disposal of useless materials, so it is necessary that the useful materials are organized, whether physical or digital computer folders.
What improvement in the company: to define an organization, employees look for something to know exactly where to find them, resulting in time savings. It is also easier to integrate new employees, as if everything is organized is fast and easy for anyone to find what you are looking for.
3- Seiso - cleaning Sense
At this stage we learn to eliminate dirt and how not to produce more dirt in environments that fellas. More than one step is the implementation of a culture within the company. A clean and organized environment improves the image both internally and externally of the company.
What improvement in company: Improves the quality of the environment, thus giving more quality to the work done there.
4- Seiketsu - health and hygiene Sense
At this stage in standardized practices company prezem health and hygiene. The step is to apply a culture in the team in general, but also of individual and each employee should appreciate the personal hygiene. This step can also be called by known sense of standardization, since the use of uniform fits here as well as the ability to keep them clean and maintained.
What improvement in company: Minimizes the time spent on the maintenance of cleaning and help with the above steps are completed, thus standardizing the organization established in the company.
5- Shitsuke - Sense of discipline
In addition to having discipline in earlier phases of 5S in order to be fulfilled, we must have discipline also the position held within the company. The self-discipline to perform its function within the company should always be prioritized.
What improvement in the company: building an environment focused on the commitment and discipline to perform tasks and maintain order.
How to apply the 5S in your company?
The 5S method offers many advantages to companies, but before starting the method, you must know the best way to deploy it. Although each company has a different internal culture, we can follow some general tips to succeed in the implementation:
  • Inform employees about the method on your intranet before applying it and make it a point that everyone understands well what it is;
  • Select channels to dispose information about the method. It may be a lecture, an article on the intranet, a mural newspaper, among others. The important thing is that the information reaches everyone and for this you can use more than one channel;
  • Make sure that all employees are willing to help in maintaining the method for this, focus on the benefits that 5S can bring to the workplace;
  • For the benefits of the method it is important that all staff collaborate. Establish an internal culture where all employees help by checking whether the method is being fulfilled.
To report its employees about the method as well as keeping the method in full operation, the intranet is the best choice. If your company does not have one yet, this is the time to have. The method 5S, together with the intranet will further increase its productivity.