How does your company organize the activities to be carried out on a day-to-day? Does the method used to manage them enable better performance of employees? In order to improve the organization of the work environment, the Task Module is a tool in which your team can access these tasks with ease.
The VivaIntra classifies tasks:
  • Open: when no one performing the task;
  • Awarded: when there is already responsible for the task;
  • Progress: When the task is already underway;
  • Completed: when the task is already finalized and all can be found in tab.
In addition, the VivaIntra organize their tasks through the Inbox, Outbox and Archive box and allows searches in several ways.
When leader and team work together goals are achieved more easily, producing better results. Therefore, the access module, each employee has access to the department's tasks in which it operates in the company. When a particular department task is created, responsible for its creation may designate the activity for some of its members or even to other departments, and employees of the area in question notified the Task Updates tab, located on top of your Intranet . If not for someone specific, any staff person that has access to the task can take it.
In each task you can detail what should be done, create subtasks, attach files, leave comments, print it and reopen it if necessary. Also appear in order of priority to be carried out, highlighted by red, yellow and green, as it is of paramount importance that first performed the tasks with greater urgency. For companies that require specific features to its organizational environment, VivaIntra supports to customize your module.
Using the tool, both employee when teams can organize and avoid setbacks. The VivaIntra Tasks Module is a fast tool, practice, and promoting the improvement of management activities that must be performed in the company, gathering in one space what should be done.