Innovations in technology and increasing access to virtual space provide changes in the lives of its users, providing more practical day-to-day. In the internal environment of companies, whether small, medium or large, these changes also happen.
In this scenario, companies seeking to develop, with the collaboration of his team, need to be aware of the new features available, integrating tools that enable employees to sustainable growth.
The intranet Vivaintra is a virtual and collaborative platform, which brings together several tools into a single space, that can improve the way a company communicates and integrates. They are tools that synthesize processes, promote better communication, more collaboration and direct impact on productivity in the workplace.
Some of the tools available on our intranet are:
  • Appointment book;
  • Tasks;
  • News portal;
  • People and extensions;
  • Distance Education;
  • Internal communication;
  • Knowledge base;
  • file directory;
  • Social;
  • Reserve resources;
  • Corporate TV;
  • blog;
  • Chat;
  • Mobility;
  • Others.
As a corporate social network, Vivaintra thought of a clever intranet, which adapts to the particularities of each company and which includes features that provide a collective construction environment, ensuring not only better results and a harmonious workflow, but approaching the company and employees.
Companies that choose to use a collaborative intranet discover founded and observe how the use of this technological innovation brings numerous advantages related to performance and convenience in performing tasks and centralizing information in one place.
Investing in intranet is one of the best ways to improve internal communication, guarantee results, increase productivity, and even save time through a social environment and the application of integrated tools, fast and easy to use.