So there is a good organizational development some factors are essential, as effective communication. A committed work team is a result of satisfied employees, and participatory role of managers is key to reach that stage.
Managers need to be present and attentive to the way they communicate with their employees, and verify that this communication has been efficient or are generated noises that hinder the flow of processes within the company.
then bring some miscommunications that may be occurring in your business and you are not realizing, causing unpleasant consequences:
Managers may not be able to communicate the correct and effective way
There are several ways to communicate with the employees of a company, however you need to analyze what you want to communicate and what is expected of the receivers so that the means used are the correct ones.
Each company has its own peculiarities, and that communication actually occurs, it is up to managers to hone not only the choice of means, but also the ability to tailor the format of its communication to the company context, reaching the target audience of the message, generating expected results.
Failure of managers to encourage employees
It is evident that the productivity decreases when some developer is discouraged with the working environment. But for such situations occur as little as possible, one of the managers goals is to encourage employees to work not only in the company but by the company.
One of the common errors that cause this lack of motivation is the difference between speech and daily practice of managers. To motivate their team, it is important to remember that the manager he is also always communicating something with their attitudes in the organizational environment. Due to its position, the leader is seen as a reference and, when it comes to example, attitudes can stand the words. Therefore, the engagement of employees also depends on the manager communicates through his role within the company.
Internal communication channels are not effective
Once employees have difficulties in communicating with their managers, access to information, restricting their participation in the company, it is crucial that leaders pay attention to these impediments and seek new means of an empathic and effective communication to staff .
If they are not taken into account the existing noise and channels not evaluated, the labor income is compromised and impaired organizational development.
Currently, some new tools have been used to build an effective and seamless communication, with a harmonious working environment based on collaboration and productivity. One such means is the corporate social network, such as Vivaintra Intranet, which groups more than twenty tools to transform and improve the way the sectors, managers and employees of a company communicate.