When an employee feels engaged in their workplace, they can perform beyond their normal duties. There is a significant increase in your productivity and hence in the profits of the organization.
However, many leaders are not convinced that it is worth investing in the engagement of their employees. Here are some reasons why engaging a work team is so important:
Companies with engaged employees have better performance
When an employee is engaged in his or her job, your company may outnumber up to 202% those who do not have that engagement.
If your employees are happier in your company, think about the possibilities in terms of collaboration. The levels of productivity and better results will be much greater if your employee feels good where he or she works.
Regular feedbacks prevent turnover
Providing employees with information on how they are doing in their activities, welcoming or alerting them, can lead to improved company and also better dialogues between manager and employee.
The feedback brings clarity to the employee regarding their performance in the company, and shows where it can improve. Making this return on a regular basis can reduce employee turnover, which can be 14.9% lower in companies that promote feedback. Show your co-worker that you care and make you feel comfortable.
Engagement decreases absences
If the employee is feeling unmotivated about your business and your activities, you will not want to be at work, and will try to use holidays and days off as much as you can. That's what your company does not want.
The stress of not taking pleasure in your work can also lead the employee to serious mental and psychological problems. Investing in your employees and making them feel part of the company can convert this situation, promoting 37% less absenteeism at work.
Motivated employees retain clients
The customer retention rate can be up to 18% higher when you have happy working employees. It works as a chain: satisfied contributor will provide better services to customers. Consequently, there will be customer loyalty, which will lead to greater profits.
Understand that your customers will never be happy and satisfied until your employees are.
They do not mind staying late
Providing a work environment where the employee feels good is key to a real engagement. If the company provides this, you can also count on the loyalty of your employees.
When they are highly engaged, they are 2.5 times more likely to stay at work until later if something needs to be done. On the other hand, if they are not, they will be watching the clock intently waiting for the time to go home.
Engaged managers make the difference
Invest in the development of the company's managers reflects on its employees. When there are engaged leaders who believe in the company and the collaboration of the work teams, the result will be no other: employees with a sense of belonging and greater engagement in the organization's mission.
The commitment of employees is one of the greatest desires of every company. To achieve this, it is necessary to invest in their engagement. Creating collaborative environments and promoting horizontal communication between managers and work teams will result in increased productivity, profitability and retention of talent within the company.
Do you think it's worth investing in the engagement of your work team? How has your team engaged its employees?