It is indisputable that Human Resources is an essential department for all companies, be they small, medium or large, as it will align and integrate the needs of employees and the company, cooperating for a more harmonious corporate environment.
By being connected to all departments, if HR makes a mistake, much of the company can sense the consequences. However, some errors can easily be avoided if companies are aware and willing to eliminate them.
Here are 4 HR errors that can jeopardize the productive development of your company:
1- Recruitment hastily and without planning
A company can be harmed by losing an important employee during their performance on the job, attracted by a higher salary or better benefits. But in a scenario like this, many managers get worried and eventually speed up the interview process, which can lead to hiring someone with far less experience or who does not fit the company culture.
Employee turnover can be even more unpleasant when the hiring process is rushed and without planning. It is crucial for the HR department to know that the interviews can serve as indicators of the candidate's future performance.
2- Disregarding the integration process
When entering a new employee in the company, it is necessary that this goes through a period of adaptation to the routine and the culture of the organization. This process can take time for the new hire to be fully functional or reach the productivity of his or her colleagues.
In order to avoid such inattention, one of the things to do is to connect this new collaborator with his colleagues and, especially, someone who can act as his mentor during this process, in order to guide him in the day-to-day new job. Providing a period of integration to the new employees of your company will show them their importance and understanding to their needs.
3- Lack of adequate training for management
If regular employees need training and support to perform well, managers do not fall out of line. When someone in your company is promoted to a managerial position, it is essential that he be trained and mentored to deal with his new responsibilities and challenges, even if he has already demonstrated excellent leadership in advance.
Training for managers and future managers of your company can take place through workshops, conferences, face-to-face courses or ODL, as well as entrust leading roles in projects the company is working on.
4- Do not recognize and reward good performance
Recognizing the good work and progress of your employee is the key to making him even more engaged. Leaving the HR department indifferent to this is working to discourage your team, something you do not want. A survey by Officevibe with more than 1,000 companies shows that 65% of employees feel they are not recognized enough in their work environment.
A good performance is a result of commitment, which signals the importance of enhancing the engagement of its collaborator, so that productivity is always increasing. Not everyone is ready for a promotion, but there are several ways to reward those who have done a good job. This simple mistake just can not make your HR department and therefore your company apathetic to the work team.
Human resources is undoubtedly substantial in developing a company. Therefore, the managers of this department should always be attentive and prepared to ensure that possible errors are solved and, more than that, avoided.
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