Companies already know the usefulness and traditional intranet tools. And we all know social networks and are faced with the power to communicate that these digital platforms have. New ways to improve communication in companies were developed. Keep reading and find out more about the social and collaborative intranet.

Understanding an intranet

The intranet is a private version of the Internet and its function is to share inside information with its employees. This information in turn can be about the organization, processes, products and customers.

Currently the intranet systems, although very consolidated in the market, applies in most companies a conservative model where the majority of employees plays a role of spectator or visitor on the intranet. Thus, communication becomes vertical and results in little engagement or cooperation from employees since does not provide an environment for participation.

The social and collaborative intranet as a new culture within organizations

We know that social networks are part of everyday life of the people and thus created a new type of communication between people who are much more engaged and collaborative. These tools enable content publishing, sharing, tanned and comments. They also allow the organization of events and creating groups.

Can you imagine joining this culture and tools on behalf of your organization?

It is exactly what Corporate Social networks do.

One of the main points of the social intranet is the people, believing that employees are an important point in business through them motivated and valued the company has better results because the team becomes more engaged with the proposed objectives and goals. The purpose of using social intranet in favor of the company's interests is to centralize tools and communication, disseminating content, share questions and information takes place on the day of all who are part of the company. With this model of social intranet developers build together content and the success or otherwise of the publications is relative to how employees are engaged with the company.

Advantages of collaborative social intranet

  • Allow greater participation of all - there is no system of governance as in traditional intranet and everyone can give their opinion and be heard.
  • Reducing communication costs - digital tools are naturally more economical than traditional media, but when using the social intranet you can join the needs of internal communication almost in one place.
  • Agility in reporting the news - all have access to faster communication by being a digital environment where most people in the company have contact constantly.
  • Informados- employees more knowledgeable employees become more motivated and motivation is a great tool to make everyone feel more satisfied with the company where they work.
  • Greater engagement - increasing the engagement collaborate feels belonging to staff, wearing the shirt of the company it stops being just a collaborate and becomes a brand ambassador as well.

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