To offer improvements so that your company continues to grow and stand out, with employees really engaged in the work routine: this is why Vivaintra has rethought and reformulated its Tasks module.
In the workplace, without organization this growth and prominence will not leave the paper. You need to give your team what they need to achieve the expected productivity and succeed in performing tasks.
Based on the three pillars of Vivaintra, Communication, Collaboration and Productivity, see how the new Tasks module brings organization and agility to the work routine of its collaborators:

Kanban Method

Created at Toyota in the 1970s to coordinate the production of parts, the technique consisted of using colored cards for each stage of the process of accomplishing tasks, contributing to minimize delays. Hence comes the name kanban, a word of Japanese origin that means "colored cards".
Generally, kanban has three fields where the cards are added: To Do, Doing and Done. In the Vivaintra Tasks module, the tasks are now sorted in the same schema, with the To Do, In Progress, and Done columns.
But for those who prefer the list model, this option is still available. The user chooses the best way to visualize their activities.

Intuitive design

To be more agile on a day-to-day basis, tracking and performing tasks should be easy. Therefore, with the use of the kanban method, the tasks appear in the form of cards, which are assigned to you or your department.
When the employee wants to start a task, simply drag the card from one column to another, quickly and easily.
That is, much more organization for the user to follow the progress of tasks in an intuitive and easy way for all users of your intranet.

Forecast and duration

To have more detailed control over the progress of each task, whoever creates it can add an estimate of how long it can or should last.
The person responsible for carrying out the task may place a forecast and estimate the completion of the task. In detailing each task, you can view all of this information.
In each delayed task, the card receives a red warning that characterizes the delay and highlights the urgency of completing it. Everything to better organize your work routine, see?

Tasks for your area or project

The tasks assigned to your department or to any project that you have completed appear also separated, making it easier to control the progress of the activities.
If you are part of the Human Resources department of your company, you have your Inbox, where are the tasks assigned to you, and below the name of your department, where the tasks assigned to your department are allocated. If you are in a specific project, the tasks related to it also appear in another tab.
Vivaintra's new Tasks wants its employees to be engaged in the work routine and intranet. With a brand new, easy and practical module, the tendency is to perform tasks in your work environment more and more income.
Leaving the oven in a few days, you can start using the Vivaintra intranet and prove the benefits that your company will have. Sign up now, it's free!