Much is said about intranets, the advantages and challenges of using them, and companies are interested in whether or not a platform would work with their team.
We know this can be a novelty and even a big step in an organization, so we want to reinforce and clarify some important points about a social intranet.
For this, we decided to take advantage of the current "9 truths and 1 lie" that is running on social networks so that you know even more what happens when using this platform. Come on!

Truth 1: A social intranet is attractive, quick and easy

That story of thinking that intranets are just colorless systems and no interesting features is old. Of course, they still exist, and are not at all attractive to their collaborators.
But social intranets bring a new face, current, and also several dynamic tools, which makes it much easier for the team to use.
Also, using an intranet like this is not something out of this world. By having a design similar to that of social networks well known by many people, the platform has great usability, being easy to navigate for any user.

Truth 2: Improve internal communication

One of the main points to be improved with the use of a social intranet is internal communication. Every company that wants to grow needs its employees to communicate in a fluid way and without noise.
Through the Chat, Timeline and other functionalities, information can be divulged with ease and fast reach. Collaborators can also communicate with each other without just using e-mails and phone calls, promoting new, clear and assertive forms of communication.
If a company does not invest in internal communication, it is possible that the results of that choice are seen even in the company's relations with the external public. And in a negative way.

Truth 3: Centralize information and documents

Where does the company you work allocate relevant files, documents, reports, manuals, and information? Is not it much easier to access all this in one place?
Departments can centralize various types of files and documents in features such as File Directory, Knowledge Base, and even Photo and Video Galleries.
This allows more ease and security in the day to day business. For example, if you are in a meeting in another location and need a file, or for some reason lost some document, you can access them on your intranet.


Truth 4: It's better than email

It is very common to use e-mail in organizational environments, since it is an important tool for internal and external communication. But there are some problems that can be avoided.
The constant sending of emails between collaborators and departments can generate excess information and even confusion. A survey by the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium claims that over-e-mail is one of the biggest stressors on employees.
The flow in the mail box can be massive and what was to help ends up having the opposite effect. A social intranet allows employees to use Chat, for example, for quick and less formal conversations, avoid crowding your inbox and getting lost in too much information.

Truth 5: The team has increased productivity

You may already be accustomed to hearing this truth, but we believe it. You will see the productivity of your employees increase significantly.
We talk about centralizing files and documents, agility in communication between employees and also saving time. All that the intranet offers contributes to the day to day of all in the company becomes more productive.
In addition, you'll also be able to measure this increase in productivity with indicators such as deadlines, for example, where you can track hours worked on tasks and meetings.

Truth 6: Less Spending

Expenses such as printing can decrease significantly when you use an intranet to allocate documents, reports, and surveys.
If there is a constant update of these files, it is not necessary to be printing papers every time. In addition to always having the latest updated version of the file stored on the intranet.
Not to mention also the important social responsibility that the company exerts, when using less paper, right?


Truth 7: Promote collaboration

We need to talk about collaboration. This is important and a social intranet and its features promote interaction among employees. One helps the other, one complements what the colleague did. Want an example?
On a knowledge base, someone in the Commercial sector can ask a question regarding a sales process. Another collaborator in the department can respond and, in this way, collaborate with the colleague.
A culture of collaboration in the workplace helps in the individual and collective good results. It's worth gambled on it.

Truth 8: Generates Employee Engagement

Promoting collaboration, we also achieve team engagement.
Tools like Idea Box, Timeline, Birthdays, and others, make the social intranet space much more welcoming and friendly. This is what employees want: a work environment that sees them more than employees.
The engagement of your team will reflect on the engagement of your customers with your company. Happy collaborator results in happy customer.

Truth 9: Positive results for the company

We can see that a social intranet encourages employees. By generating this stimulus in the internal environment, the company is benefited with more and more positive results.
Investing in tools to improve internal communication and the organizational environment will instill in employees a greater sense of belonging and to act as their name already says: collaborate with the company in order to see the positive results.

Lie 1: It's an unnecessary tool

After seeing some good points a company gets when using a social intranet, it can not be said that this tool "is not so necessary". So ignoring the potential of a social intranet is turning a blind eye to growth.
Research shows that among several internal communication channels, the intranet appears as the one in which companies most intend to intensify their use this year.
This is because managers are seeing and even proving that it is necessary to transform the way they communicate internally in order to achieve their goals and grow more and more. And a social intranet helps, and a lot, companies get there.
Have you already used or used an intranet? Want to know more? We want to help you: download our eBook and find out how this tool presents solutions for your company!