Mother's Day is coming and commencement dates are great opportunities to engage employees and others with the company they work for.
With that in mind, a company's HR or Communication team can work together to capitalize on Mother's Day to reinforce the Organization's Values ​​and show employees that their focus is not just profit but good times for those who collaborate with The growth of the company.
We've listed a few ideas to help you deliver a great day at your business (after all, when it comes to mom, it's not anything, right?).
(Oh, it's important that you remember that mother can be the mother, aunt, grandmother, stepmother, finally, the one who guaranteed this love to her collaborator.)
Now let's go to the tips:

Remember is living?!

You can prepare a surprise for your work team! Go behind some photo of the collaborator with your mother (it can be an unforgettable moment or a commonplace memory), reveal and present your collaborator. Leave the picture frame at your place of work and ... surprise!
This requires dedication time and also financial resources but nothing that will not be offset by the engagement of your team with the company, its managers and the Values ​​that we mentioned above.
Another great idea is that if your organization uses an intranet, take advantage of the Photo and Video Gallery tool to honor the collaborators who are mothers! Post pictures of them with your children and / or videos of your children sending them a message.
The whole company will see this honor, the mothers will be thrilled and undoubtedly will see that the company cares about her and her family. Who does not take pleasure in working in a company that sees and values ​​you?

What do I do at work?

Does your mother know what you do at work? How would she describe her role in the company she works for?
Encourage your employees to send instant messages to their mothers by asking them what they do at work. Ask them to post responses on the intranet or a social network. Create a competition for the funniest parent to be rewarded with something to enjoy together
With this, everyone can get to know each other even more and together create a relaxed and comfortable work environment.

It may even be cliché, but they will love it...

Some day at school, we've made little letters for our mothers, right? The idea now is to enjoy that we grow and understand a little more than they did for us and honor them!
Ask your employees to post a message to their mothers on the intranet timeline. After that, separate these posts and send them to the mothers as a way of showing that your children love them and make it publicly clear where they work. There is no denying that moms appreciate and much these demonstrations of love.

Everyone enjoys time spent together

Many of us spend most of the day away from home and sometimes we can not spend time with our mothers.
So show the employees that the company cares: promote a special moment between them and their mothers / children at work, with a breakfast or even spend a period of the day at the company showing their work and what they do over there.
Mothers will always enjoy spending time in person with their children. Through the intranet, photos and videos of the moment can be divulged in the galleries, generating involvement between the employees and also with the company.

Make News

There are many ways to use Mother's Day to show employees that they and their families are important to the company. And a social intranet can help even more when it comes to brainstorming and putting it into practice.
With a News module, for example, managers can advertise to the entire company to carry out some commemorative action, as well as attract their attention so that everyone participates. Make the intranet an effective internal communication medium in this engagement!
Employees who feel part of an organization tend to wear the shirt, be more productive and involved to contribute even more to the growth of the company.
What about your company, what will it accomplish on that anniversary date, and still engage the entire team? Tell us!